Topic 3 "Making Kimchi and Detecting Nitrite Content" ppt-Elective Courseware

The People's Education Edition elects a topic 3 "Making Kimchi and Detecting Nitrite Content" ppt What have you eaten? How does the nitrite in kimchi affect the body? Kimchi is a kind of infusion product processed by wet fermentation, and it is a kind of pickled cabbage. Kimchi is easy to make, low in cost, nutritious and hygienic, delicious in flavor, and conducive to storage. In China, Sichuan, Northeast, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other places have the habit of making kimchi. Sichuan and Korean kimchi are more popular at present, and they are found in many flavor restaurants. It is tender and crisp, which can increase appetite, help digestion and absorption. If you make some kimchi at home, use it as a side dish before meals, or use it to prepare a variety of dishes, it is a good thing. However, kimchi containing nitrite has carcinogenic effects and is harmful to health, so it is not easy to eat more!

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