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Oak is also known as eucalyptus. The scientific name in wood science is QUERCUS SPP. It is widely distributed in the vast area of ​​the northern hemisphere. There are more than 300 varieties. The oak belongs to the family Fagaceae and the genus, and the oak is roughly divided into red oak and white. There are two major types of oak, but the red oak is not red and the white oak is not white. The color distinction is not very obvious. The key point is the difference between the tube hole and the forest ray in the wood science, such as the immersion body in the white oak tube hole. This property makes white oak widely used in wine barrels for storing wine. It is a world-famous oak barrel, while red oak cannot be used as a barrel. The oak is heavy, hard, straight in texture, thick in structure, light in color, beautiful in texture, relatively high in mechanical strength, resistant to abrasion, and wood is not easy to dry, saw and cut.

                                                          EVA MAT FOR KITCHEN DRAWER

  • Anti-Slip Roll Mat Can(Non Slip Matting&Non Skid Mat) Be Cut with Scissors To Any Shape or Size as Per Your Needs. Decorates Your Kitchen.
  • Use Them In Kitchen, Bath, Drawer Shelves, Refrigerators, Dining Tables, and Any Other Place.
  • Non-Adhesive, Textured, Super Strong, Crack Resistant and Can Resist Low Temperatures Inside Refrigerators.
  • Anti-Skid Surface Keeps Things in Their Place

EVA MAT for ktichen drawer

Anti Slip Mat

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