Factors affecting the use effect and life of cutter blade

The use of paper cutters provides higher cutting precision for the printing industry and packaging industry. At present, automatic paper cutters, CNC paper cutters, program-controlled paper cutters and other high-end paper cutters are widely used in related industries. Among them, the cutter blade is one of the important cutter components. Its sharpness and service life greatly affect the production efficiency of the cutter. So, what are the main factors that affect the use effect and life of the cutter blade?

First, the material of knife making. The cutter of the single-piece paper cutter is made of high-temperature insert welding of the blade and the blade body. The blade is made of chromium tungsten manganese steel with high hardness, and the blade body is made of low carbon steel. The durability of the cutter is directly proportional to the hardness of the steel used for the blade part. For high-quality blades, the hardness of the blade part after quenching can reach HR55 ~ 60.

Second, the shape and angle of the sharpener of the paper cutter. On single-sided paper cutters, single-edged cutters are generally used, with a sharpening angle between 19 ° and 23 °. However, the sharpened edge of this shape makes the beveled edge of the cutter bear the pressure from the part of the paper stack being cut during the cutting process. Under the friction of the paper edge, the bevel of the blade is quickly worn away. The double-edged knife has obvious advantages. Its sharpening helps to reduce the load of the machine and improve the accuracy of cutting. Therefore, the angle of sharpening should be as small as possible when the tool material permits, and considering the magnitude of the shear resistance of the cut object.

Third, the quality of the cutter sharpener. The higher the quality of the sharpening knife, the longer the service life of the cutting knife, the better the cutting quality.

Fourth, the type of cutting material. During the cutting process, the speed at which the blade of the paper cutter becomes blunt is related to the abrasion resistance of the cut material. When cutting paper, the speed at which the blade becomes blunt depends on the texture of the paper and how hard it is and the amount of ash content. When cutting harder paper with a higher ash content, the faster the blade becomes dull.

The above are the factors that affect the use effect and life of the cutter blade. Therefore, when using automatic cutters, CNC cutters, program-controlled cutters and other high-end cutters, pay attention to the use skills to improve the cutter blades The use efficiency and service life.

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