4-Methylumbelliferone glucuronide medium (supporting indigo substrate) / MUG medium / MUG-Medium (with Kovacs)

English name: MUG-Medium (with Kovacs)

Other names: MUG medium

Level: BR

Composition (g / L)

Peptone: 10.0

Magnesium sulfate: 0.1

Sodium chloride: 5.0

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate: 0.9

Disodium hydrogen phosphate: 6.2

Sodium deoxycholate: 1.0

Manganese sulfate: 0.5mg

Zinc sulfate: 0.5mg

Sodium sulfite: 40mg

Calcium chloride: 50mg

MUG: 75mg

PH: 7.2 ~ 7.4

Usage: Take 2.4g of this product, add 100ml of distilled water, heat and boil until completely dissolved, sterilize at 115 ℃ for 20 minutes, then use

Indigo base usage: MUG matching reagent, used for color determination of Escherichia coli. 4-5 drops / each tube, observe the color reaction of the liquid surface, pay attention to protect it from 4 ℃

Properties: dry powder. Easy deliquescence.

Uses: biochemical research. Rapid fluorescence determination of Escherichia coli

Save: RT

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