Book Craft Design and Craft Introduction-"Yuan · Jun"

Book Craft Design and Craft Introduction-"Yuan · Jun"

Process: The cover is in the form of large and small pages, the signature is also made of special paper, and the form of the single sticky size and the cover echo each other.

Title of book: "Yuan · Jun"

Book introduction: This is a set of two photography albums, the shooting technique is vague, intention. In order to reflect its multi-levels during design, the picture book as a whole is full of scrolls and elegant temperament.

The Plastic Bottle is divided into sections based on a variety of common bottle characteristics including color,shape and material. The plastic bottle can be used for as container of cosmetics,daily-use chemical products and gardening products etc. It's mainly produced by blow molding process from one of the following PET(polyethylene terephthalate) and HDPE(high density polyethylene) plastic,and by injecting machine for acrylic and airless bottle.   Acrylic cosmetic bottles are an incredibly popular method used for the storage of liquid cosmetics and even some powders. More often than not,they are used to store lotion,or a creamy cosmetic liquid,some are also used for perfumes.  Airless Container can store creams,serums and gels without contamination,it's usually with matte silver or gold cap,clear body and shiny silver or gold collar. It's great for travel or use at home.

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