11 worry-free lacquers for you to solve the "chronic killer"

PART 1 Owner decorating wedding room

Crowd needs:

1. Expectant mothers who are about to become pregnant after marriage need a safe environment that is non-toxic and odorless

2. Young couples who want to install and live immediately need good products with a quick taste

Recommended product 1: Domestic products specializing in pure taste launches special wall paint for wedding rooms-Sankeshu lacquer SHI500

Reference price: 388 yuan / 7L

Product introduction: As a special wall paint for wedding room, Sankeshu paint is based on health. Adopting the newly developed pure taste emulsion from Germany, from the emulsion to the selection of each auxiliary, all uphold the top environmental protection concept. The paint film is dense and firm, not only resistant to scrubbing but also delicate and smooth to the touch. It is a fully healthy latex paint specially developed for newlyweds.

Editor's comment: The product does not contain toxic substances and its effects on the reproductive system disappear. With ultra-low VOC and zero formaldehyde, newcomers can rest assured and live life. It is recommended to use a companion primer. At the same time, it is recommended to use the three-tree lacquer wedding room special wood paint, which is suitable for those who like DIY to paint the furniture with protective paint.

Recommended product two: matte and fresh, you can use the color mixing machine to deploy thousands of popular European colors-Germany Dufang Jingjie environmental wall paint

Reference price: 450 yuan / 5L

Product introduction: German Dufang Jingjie environmental protection interior wall paint is produced in Germany in strict accordance with German industrial standards. It is a new generation of innovative interior wall paint products. Special use of enhanced formula and new polymerization process further strengthens the purification performance and lasting purification ability, not only tasteless, but also truly realizes the overall purification of the space environment and provides comprehensive safety guarantee.

Editorial comment: This product is environmentally friendly and can be painted in multiple spaces. After 80s, creative couples can bring out different colors and paint different spaces in their homes into "Sea of ​​Love", "Gypsy Palace", and "English Garden". The matte color of the paint film makes the visual effect more gentle and natural. It is recommended to use the German Dufang multifunctional anti-alkali primer to achieve a fuller and smoother wall effect.

PART 2 single apartment

Crowd needs:

1. Is Amoy cheap? Choose the economical clean wall paint with simple function

2. Famous brand lovers? Let's take a look at the multi-functional first-line brand new products

Recommended product one: Dulux family anti-fouling and clean wall paint

Reference price: 165 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Jia Li'an anti-fouling and clean smell is an affordable wall paint with high cost performance. Its outstanding scrub resistance performance, the tough emulsion component, makes stains easier to remove, even after repeated scrubbing, the wall is still as bright as new.

Edit comment : This product retains the original net taste formula, which can fully remove harmful substances and make your home environment safer and more environmentally friendly.

Tips : The final effect of the wall is also directly related to the level of the painter, so it is recommended that the owners change their minds and do n’t find road guerrillas for construction or all-contract to the engineering team as traditional habits. The editorial department recommends you to consult Dulux professional oilers.

Recommended product two : anti-fouling and dirt - resistant , suitable for " lazy bones " couples - Nippon lotus net taste full effect latex paint

Reference price: 428 yuan / 5L

Product introduction: Nippon lotus net taste full effect latex paint adopts lotus net technology, and the walls such as lotus leaf stains are difficult to stay. Pure taste, full protection of health, wall protection, environmental protection and pollution resistance.

Editor's comment: In the actual test, the Nippon R & D team not only used tea, red wine, and even soy sauce to repeatedly pour large areas on the walls painted with Nippon lotus pure and pure effect latex paint. Soy sauce is just like the water droplets after the rain across the surface of the lotus leaf, and cannot stay on the wall. Just use a rag to gently wipe the stain, leaving no traces, and the walls are completely new. It can be seen that the full effect of Nippon Lotus Pure Purification makes it difficult for stains to stay on the wall, easily solving the problem of overturning coffee, tea, juice, or sewage during cleaning at home.

PART 3 children's room

Crowd needs:

1. Develop children's visual nerves and use colorful wall paint.

2. To meet the needs of baby graffiti, you can choose environmentally friendly blackboard paint.

3. The child is active, and the wall paint that is resistant to bumps, dirt, and dirt is reliable.

Recommended product one: Wonderful cartoons make childlike hearts forever-China Resources Wonderful Paint

Reference price : 500 yuan / 5L

Product description : The highlight of this product is after-sales service. Professional workers can provide wall painting, and the Disney series that has been developed is very popular. In addition, its VOC content is very low, only 4.9 grams / liter, which is far lower than international standards. China Resources paint uses a special airless spraying process, compared with the traditional process, the touch is more delicate, and can form a dense protective layer on the wall, the wall effect is very good. What's more, the color achieved by Miaoxiang Lacquer is different from the dazzling color we imagined.

Editor's comment : China Resources cooperated with Disney Company and divided it into four series based on classic animated characters Mickey, Pooh, Princess and Nemo. It comes from Finland's environmentally friendly color paste to ensure the health of the paint and long-lasting color effects. Users can choose themes themselves and then contact the staff to provide inkjet services. This product is suitable for those who want to lively and interesting on the wall, but are too lazy to do their own work.

We know that the colors of children's rooms must be bright. The colorful, fairy-tale-like rooms are most popular with children! Brightly colored blackboard paint can also improve indoor brightness, train your baby's sensitivity to color, and cultivate their cheerful and upward personality.

Recommended product two: Fulege water-based colorful blackboard paint

Reference price: 359 yuan / 5L

Product introduction: This paint is a new product developed to solve the problem of children's naive and easy to cause wall pollution. The paint effect after painting is as bright and easy to scrub as a blackboard.

Editor's comment: The wall opens up a large curved red blackboard area, which is not only an art classroom where children can do graffiti, but also a personal decoration in the room. Colored chalkboard paint is sometimes more decorative than black. Breaking through the traditional square chalkboard, a freehand arc is also a good idea.

Recommended Product Three: Dulux Diamond Diamond 5-in-1 Wall Paint

Reference price : 428 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Dulux's newly launched diamond diamond odor series wall paint is easy. It not only smells fresh and environmentally friendly, but also uses a new "Diamond Technology". It adopts a super-hard powder formula to maintain smooth and flat On the basis, the hardness of the paint film is comprehensively strengthened to increase it to more than twice that of ordinary high-grade wall paint. At the same time, the number of times of scrub resistance can be more than 50000 times. No matter how naughty the child is, it can ensure that the wall is double firm and lastingly bright.

Editor's comment: There are urchins at home, and the wall may be damaged by frequent "foreign enemy" invasion. It is obviously undesirable to curb the child ’s nature in a single and rough way, so is there a better way to save the wall? Now Dulux Diamond Diamond 5-in-1 Wall Paint is for everyone's worry. Its anti-scratch force can resist the intrusion of general sharp objects, including children's graffiti, pet's claws or the hostess's high-heeled shoes. The excellent scrub resistance also frees the housewife. Similar to the past, the "difficult" phenomenon that the wall is more and more wiped and not cleaned or even damaged will never be repeated on the Dulux diamond 5 in 1 wall paint. The scrub resistance of about 50,000 times ensures that the product has excellent scrub resistance.

PART 4 ​​Shanghai Float

The needs of the crowd: renters, for decoration, not the best but the benefits

Recommended product 1: Nippon "Jingwei 120" 3-in-1 interior wall latex paint

Reference price : 208 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Nippon "Jianwei 120" 3-in-1 interior wall latex paint, adopts Nippon Nishiki technology, does not add flavors, and quickly clears the smell, allowing you to get rid of the trouble of odor and easily create a healthy and environmentally friendly natural pure space. At the same time, the high-quality formula makes it have three practical functions such as scrub resistance, high-quality anti-alkali, double anti-mold, and 218 kinds of pure colors selected to help you create a pure and elegant space. It is a new wall of home and commercial space. Ideal for painting or refurbishing old walls.

Editor's comment : This product is the lowest price in the Jingwei 120 series, and it is also a very cheap one in the overall Jingwei series. Suitable for owners who love Nippon pure taste products but have limited budget. In terms of function, although it is not more powerful than the five-in-one and full-effect series, it has three practical functions such as scrub resistance, high-quality anti-alkali, and double anti-mildew. Overall good value for money.

Recommended product 2: Dulux anti-cracking matt wall paint

Reference price: 220 yuan / 5L

Product introduction: Dulux anti-cracking and netting matte wall paint adopts super penetration process, and the excellent elastic paint film formed has stronger ductility and shrinkage, which can effectively prevent and repair fine cracks, even if there are small cracks inside the strong body The surface paint film will not be affected at all, keeping the wall durable and bright. Innovative clean-smell technology, fully filter harmful substances, product smell fresh, make your home environment safer and more environmentally friendly.

Edit comment: This product has good toughness, which can effectively prevent wall cracks and delay wall aging. Purifying technology can make the air fresh and without odor. Matte color is a popular color this year, soft and not dazzling.

PART 5 Owners in special geographical locations

Crowd needs:

1. The user's room on the ground floor is dark and humid, the humid climate is disturbing in the south of the Yangtze River, and the painted surface of the rainy season is not dry for a long time.

2. Frequent cracks on the walls of residential subway stations affected by vibration.

Recommend product one: clean taste technology, more scrub-resistant-Nippon "clean taste anti-fouling and mildew-proof" interior wall latex paint

Reference price: 228 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Nippon "clean taste anti-fouling and mildew-proof" interior wall latex paint adopts advanced "Nippon clean taste technology", without adding fragrance, to create a healthy and environmentally friendly natural and pure space for you. Through the unique formula adjustment, the paint film becomes denser and easier to scrub. At the same time, it also has a double anti-mold function, which can effectively protect the wall from mold.

Editor's comment : Imagine such a picture. When the husband of the fan is in the new home because the game is too excited, the slippers are thrown on the wall, leaving ugly stains. Is the wife going to explode? This product's unique scrub resistance function can easily wipe away the daily stains attached to it with water or household cleaners to ensure that the wall is clean and new. The double anti-mold function can also be safely renovated in Huangmeitian. The price of 228 yuan per barrel is excellent value for money.

Recommended product 2: The film is flexible and elastic, but the cost performance is low- Nippon elastic anti-crack and taste full effect latex paint

Reference price: 598 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Elastic anti-crack and pure taste full effect "interior wall latex paint, the paint film has super elasticity, can be freely expanded and contracted with the slight changes of the substrate and the cracks caused by thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature difference The product's anti-crack ability.

Editor's comment: Nippon's paint film has good ductility and can effectively prevent wall cracking. If the owner's decoration budget is limited, the price of nearly six hundred can also be considered.

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