Product Features of Ultraviolet Weather Resistance Test Chamber

Climate and sunlight irradiation are the main causes of damage to paints, plastics, inks and other polymer materials in the UV weather resistance test chamber test. Such damage includes loss of light, discoloration, yellowing, cracking, peeling, embrittlement, and reduced strength And layering. Even indoor light and sunlight projected through glass windows can cause some materials to age, such as causing fading or discoloration of pigments and dyes.

Product Features of Ultraviolet Weather Resistance Test Chamber

1. The design is entirely from the user's perspective, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

2. The thickness of the test piece can be adjusted, and the installation of the test piece is quick and easy.

3. The upward-rotating door does not prevent the user from operating the device, and the ultraviolet aging test chamber occupies very little space.

4. The unique condensation system of the ultraviolet aging test box can meet the requirements by using ordinary tap water.

5. The heater of the water is under the container. It is not immersed in water and has a long service life and is easy to maintain.

6. The control of the water level is placed outside the ultraviolet aging test box, which is easy to monitor.

7. The equipment has casters, easy to move, casters are standard accessories.

8. Misoperation and fault automatic alarm, with instructions, easy to consult.

9. It is divided into ordinary type, light intensity control type and spray type.

Original author: Beijing Ya Shilin Test Equipment Co., Ltd.

Product Features of Ultraviolet Weather Resistance Test Chamber

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