Analysis of what is the high and low temperature impact test box

Environmental conditions are the key factors affecting the quality and reliability of equipment. For equipment used in an environment where the surrounding atmospheric temperature changes drastically, the impact of temperature shock environment is a factor that must be considered. Typical environmental effects, such as deformation or rupture of parts, failure of insulation protection, clamping or slack of moving parts, changes in electrical and electronic components, rapid condensation or frost caused by electronic or mechanical failures. Whether it can work normally in a temperature shock environment directly reflects the strength of the equipment's ability to adapt to this environment.

GJB150-86 "Military Equipment Environmental Test Method" is being revised. The revision principle is based on the US military standard MIL-STD-810F. MIL-STD-810F, Method 503.4 (Temperature Shock Test) stipulates: equipment that may be deployed in an environment with a sharp change in air temperature should be subjected to a temperature shock test, and the high and low temperature shock test chamber must have a restability test within 5 minutes after the test piece is converted The ability of the condition, the test conversion time is 1min, and the air used around the test piece does not exceed 1.7m / s.

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