Space center etc. make new progress in pulsar time reference research

Researcher Chen Ding from the New Technology Research Center of the National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperates with Dr. George Hobbs of the Australian National Telescope Center (ATNF) and Professor Williams Kekes of the University of California, San Diego, etc., based on the world's leading pulsar The observation of 20 millisecond pulsars in the timing array established an integrated pulsar time reference (EPS), and successfully reversed the fluctuations of the atomic time time reference TT (BIPM) in the past 18 years. Through comparison and calibration, it was found that 1996-1997 There is an accuracy error of about 1 microsecond before and after the international atomic time. The result was recently published in the Royal Monthly Astronomy (MNRAS).

In addition, research by Chen Ding and other researchers from Xinjiang Observatory Wang Na and others on the stability of millisecond pulsars found that the stability of millisecond pulsars on the time scale of about 7 years has exceeded the domestic atomic time time scale. The result was published in CAA.

Scientists discovered pulsars in 1967 and millisecond pulsars in 1982. Subsequent observations showed that the high stability of pulsar rotation can be used to establish a new time reference. At present, for most millisecond pulsars, the timing accuracy of the pulse arrival time can reach the level of sub-microseconds, and the long-term stability (more than 1 year) can reach or exceed 10-16, through the pulsar time reference and atomic time The joint punctuality of the benchmark can achieve a time base with higher long-term stability. This provides an important development direction and application prospect for the establishment of ground punctuality and space-time benchmarks in the future.

The above research work has received funding and support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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