Identify the top ten traps of "pseudo-redwood"

Ten traps of "pseudo-redwood" in the market:

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1. Furniture that is made of poor wood, made of poor wood, mixed with wood made of better wood;

2, transfer flowers and wood , transplant the residual structure of non-similar varieties, and make up a piece of furniture;

3, more than less , a lot of furniture dealers have passed down the world and more valuable half-tables, large tables, small square tables, etc., have been converted into relatively rare drawer tables, cases, Go tables;

4, split a group of two , using the complete ancient furniture, demolished into multiple pieces, and draw high profits;

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5, miscellaneous materials , some of the so-called "hardwood" furniture, its inlaying method is to "stick the skin" on the surface of furniture made of ordinary wood, the main material is not expensive wood;

6, stealing the beam for the column , some people use Seiko to convert the soft drawer into a hard drawer, it is easy to be deceived;

7, change the height to low , in order to adapt to the modern way of living, the high-grade furniture into low-grade furniture;

8, deliberately old , as a fake, some of the furniture used in a relatively high frequency on the surface with a steel ball to wipe out a trace, after painting and then use tea cups, pots to burn the mark, it seems that there is a feeling of vicissitudes;

9, quick-starting , destroying the newly-made furniture into a weather-proof "old furniture";

10, fake grouting, imitation of fake old furniture commonly used paint wax color fake leather shell, and some even use leather shoes and other inferior materials, the purpose is to fake.

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