Barry-Wehmiller built box packaging equipment

The first two box-packing machines built by the Barry-Wehmiller company have been installed at a British food group company to pack 2.5 kg of roof-type bags into cartons at 2-4 bags per box.

The model is based on a 300-series side-mounted casepacker built in the United States and conforms to European standards. The bag handling and case loading system is specially designed by its European department and is particularly used for loading and unloading packages of this size and specification.

Reno Poeti, managing director of the company, explained that the packaging must be installed vertically and placed sideways in the packaging to ensure maximum stacking strength. That is, a special handling system must be fitted to ensure reliability.

“In order to obtain the best stacking strength on pallets, the bags need not only stand sideways, but must also be close to the box. The lid of the roof box must be folded downwards, and the bags tend to be at the corners of the box (and Not on the side to avoid obstructing the lid of the container or causing seams."

Therefore, using a simple compaction system, the roof package is folded prior to finishing. Then, the packing box is introduced into the finishing place, and the four-piece guiding device is extended to a corner, and the packing box is stretched and straightened after unfolding to provide an unobstructed passage for the packing bag.

The two large 300 series box packing machines were built with left and right side configurations to facilitate operator operation. They can handle 1x2 posts at a speed of 12 cases/min or handle 2x2 posts at a speed of 7 cases/min. The size can be changed with the hand wheel and can be completed in about 10 minutes.

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