Detailed Prepress Operation - Separation Operation Paper 4

IV. Separation of manuscripts from Chinese paintings and ancient paintings

The manuscripts of traditional Chinese paintings and ancient paintings are composed of five artistic elements consisting of black rhyme, lines, hue, background color, characters, and seals on rice paper. From the color point of view, it has ink, strokes, light color, heavy color four kinds of common characteristics is "based on black, color supplemented"; from the tone of the tone is divided into coke, thick, heavy, light, clear. Therefore, the reproduction of Chinese paintings should be based on a full understanding of the connotation of the original in order to make the reproductions come alive.

The separation of Chinese painting should master the following technical points. (1) The white-field/dark-field calibration should be based on the Chinese painting theme. The white field values ​​are C60%, M4%, Y4%, and the black field values ​​are C90%, M91%, Y88%, and BK85%. (2) The removal amount of the background color is large, and the removal range of the background color of the Chinese painting should be large. The starting point can be started from the middle tone area, and the removal amount should be within 35%. (3) The black version of the Chinese version of the Chinese version should be as long as possible. The starting point is reduced as much as possible, the slope is large, and the middle tone value is adjusted with the gradation correction, so that the black version can reflect the characteristics of coke, strong, heavy, light, and clear. (4) The amount of USM should be selected reasonably, and the constituent parameters of USM should be appropriately changed, and the SMOOTH value in USM should be greater than SHARP. (5) When coloring Chinese paintings, it is necessary to pay attention to the reproduction of the reproduction colors of the unique pigments in the paintings to ensure the accuracy of their colors, such as Dahong (Y100, M100, C5, BK10) and Shi Qing (Y20, M20, C70, BK15). ), cinnabar (Y80, M100, C5, BK10), thus showing the color characteristics of Chinese painting.

In short, in the electronic color separation work of Chinese painting, the operator should first analyze the characteristics of the manuscript of the color separation, understand its artistic style, and then formulate corresponding control parameters in order to highlight the unique flavor of Chinese painting.

(to be continued)

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