Cypress (arborvitae) knowledge

Cypress is an evergreen tree. Also known as cypress, arborvitae, cedar. It is widely distributed in China, from Inner Mongolia and Jilin to the north and Guangdong to the northwest of Guangxi. The artificial cultivation range is several times throughout the country. It is an excellent landscaping tree species. The height of the tree is generally up to 20 meters. Bark reddish brown, longitudinally split. Branchlets are flat. Leaves scaly, small. Hermaphroditic, globose, solitary. The cone is nearly oval. Seeds long ovate, wingless. The arborvitae is light, but the seedlings and saplings have certain shade tolerance. It is more resistant to cold and has poor wind resistance. Drought-tolerant, moist, but not flood-resistant. It is resistant to barren and can grow on slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soils. Slow growth. Extremely long life.

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