Advantages and disadvantages of cherry wood furniture

The cherry wood core transitions from deep red to light reddish brown, and the wood texture is straight. Cherry wood has good bending properties, general strength and resistance to load. Cherry wood is easy to process by hand, wood is not hard, and the loss of equipment is relatively small. In addition, the cherry wood shrinks after drying, but this time, the performance after drying is very stable, and the application is very extensive.

Cherry wood and southwestern birch are very similar. If consumers who are not familiar with it are easily deceived, especially consumers of online shopping furniture, the possibility of being cheated is quite large because they cannot see the real thing at all. However, it is not necessarily that the furniture purchased online is not credible. For example, Melody has opened hundreds of experience halls across the country. Consumers can see it with their own eyes and get in touch with the real thing, so that they can buy with confidence.

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