Regulatory policies test the floor industry market to become a "mystery"

Regarding the recovery of the flooring industry in 2013, there is a diametrically opposite voice in the industry. Some people think that the property market has become a reality, even if the national control policy can not stop the pace of the market economy, this year's flooring industry is bound to pick up; the other side believes that the property market rebound is only a temporary phenomenon, some units ignore the central policy The practice will inevitably lead to a more severe suppression policy by the state. The real estate industry may be hit harder, and the future of the flooring industry that depends on the property market is rampant. Both kinds of remarks are not unreasonable. How to develop in the future is still unknown.

After a long winter test, the hard road of the flooring industry seems to have gone through most of the time. In 2013, the domestic market of homes such as flooring will recover and recover. In recent times, the problems of most floor companies have been asked most. It is “How do you view the floor market in 2013?” The answer is surprisingly consistent: “It will definitely improve, especially in the second half of the year.” This answer is becoming a source of confidence for many flooring companies in the development of the company in 2013.

Further analysis found that the analysis of this conclusion by both the boss and the professional manager is derived from the authoritative judgment of the industry: the property control will be relaxed in 2013, and with the gradual recovery of the housing market, the long-suppressed flooring market will Welcomed an outbreak. To this end, many companies have begun to gear up and want to take a slice of the market war after the recovery.

However, the fact is that in recent years, when it comes to the "real estate market", the industry is generally considered to be a big headache. Some time ago, a TV media had invited several well-known economists in the industry to discuss "Can the housing market recover in 2013?" The final result is nothing more than "public theory and public opinion, and the woman said that she is reasonable." For the "trend of the real estate market", experts are looking at the flowers in the fog, looking at the moon in the water. For the flooring companies that have experienced two years of market cold and suffering, they still pin their hopes for survival and development. The recovery of the housing market is inevitably embarrassing.

Compared to the entanglement of the real estate market, the flooring industry has appeared to be more stable after a long period of indifference. Although the promotion activities of major flooring brands are in full swing, the real big moves have not appeared, and most flooring companies still hold a wait-and-see attitude.

As the property market regulation has gradually achieved results, house prices have gradually become more reasonable. Last year, the transactions in first-hand houses showed a volatility, and the volume of new houses continued to increase. In 2013, the volume of new homes in various places became more and more dynamic. In January, the high starting point was kicked off. In February, the turnover increased by 29.4%. In March, affected by the five countries, the number of new homes surged, increasing by 76.3%. It has increased by 70.6% year-on-year.

Then, will the cold and heat of the real estate market play an internal or external role in the development of a single flooring enterprise? This problem has not been clearly understood by many flooring companies. Many companies seem to be analyzing the future development prospects. Do the "inversion of the end". Some experts said that they hope that the floor companies will first look at how their products, channels, markets, etc. are operating, rather than just paying attention to the developers and selling a few more houses. In the face of the current market environment, especially small and medium-sized floor enterprises must first see the overall situation, and master their own development direction, take the brand line, and work hard on quality.

The person in charge of some flooring enterprises believes that the state of the real estate industry will have follow-up behavior when the floor industry has not yet really warmed up, so the floor enterprises should not be blindly optimistic. And in some respects, the grim situation facing the flooring industry will continue for some time. In this environment, the flooring enterprises must have a long-term vision, diligently practice internal strength, maintain the sustainable development of the enterprise, and do a long-term "cold resistance". "Preparation."

Source: China Floor Network

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