Packaging is just right

In the moon cake box, gold coins and coffee cups are added, and the health care product packaging occupies half of the weight. In today's rich commodities, so many cases of "anti-offer-based" packaging have become more and more frequent. The 2nd Jiangsu Printing & Packaging Machinery & Material Exhibition, organized by the Jiangsu Packaging Technology Association and co-organized by Nanjing Muyi Printing Materials Co., Ltd., opened at the China International Exhibition Center this morning. Looking at the exquisite packaging machinery and materials, people talked about this. topic.

At the conference, the most advanced printing equipment materials in the country were displayed, which attracted strong interest from manufacturers. Some consumers told reporters that the packaging of goods is now exquisite, but sometimes the purchase of goods will be ridiculous, and some packaging is more expensive than the product itself, moon cake is a typical example. One consumer said that many foods are delivered with disposable cups and chopsticks, which is a waste of excessive packaging and can be added according to the actual needs of consumers. There is also an over-packaging that is not acceptable to consumers. For example, a manufacturer puts a cup in a fine coffee box and explains that this is for the customer. Who knows if the price of the cup is added to the customer? Can't choose to save the cup to buy coffee?

Why are manufacturers competing to launch high-specification packaging products? An industry insider who participated in the exhibition believes that, overall, the gap between domestic product packaging and foreign countries is still very large, which is the so-called "one product, two types of packaging, three types of prices." From a modern packaging specialty and business point of view, good packaging is not only the protection of products, but also enhances the value of the products themselves and enhances their competitiveness. Therefore, many manufacturers hope to use packaging to enhance their desire to purchase and come up with many “flowers”.

Lu Guicheng, secretary general of Jiangsu Packaging Technology Association, told reporters last year that the added value of Jiangsu's packaging and printing industry reached 15 billion yuan. However, overpacking does exist, and it needs to be controlled from the perspective of industry management. On the other hand, high-end packaging is also a need for a certain type of product. Generally speaking, it is market-regulated, as long as there is no false advertising or fraudulent propaganda. Does not allow consumers to feel deceived, or can meet the high consumer needs of some consumers. He believes that ultimately, people's intellectual consumption should be used to deal with the problem of excessive packaging. However, if there is some over-packaging, such as buying a box of coffee must match the cup, which has the suspicion of strong sales, has exceeded the scope of packaging, need to be resolved from the market norms.

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