Changing beverage packaging market

The Watsons distilled water producer, which has a history of more than 100 years, can be said to set a good example for other companies in packaging. In 2003, they launched a new brand of water that made consumers look bright as soon as they launched their new packaging. Streamlined bottle, concise and fashionable green packaging and unique double bottle cap design transform simple “water” into a unique fashion style and full of personal style. Although the new packaging introduced this time has followed the company's consistent green theme, it has been replaced by lively green, which on the one hand preserves Watson’s professional and pure image, and on the other hand brings Watsons distilled water to consumers. The atmosphere of vitality and vitality, Watson's major change is undoubtedly one step ahead of competition in similar products.
As we all know, today's Chinese people like to buy food in supermarkets, which is easy to buy, but it is precisely in supermarkets that similar foods are often placed together. At this time, consumers are most attracted to the eye, in addition to the product brand and Outside the quality is the packaging, packaging strong impact products often can be about the consumer's buying awareness. The major companies have also discovered this and have begun to hone their minds on the packaging, trying to attract consumers with pleasing packaging and taking the initiative in the competition of similar products.
According to statistics, the countries with advanced food packaging technologies in the world are represented by the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden. The packaging industry in these countries has a relatively high output value, and the food and packaging industry has become one of the major industries in these countries. The industries that provide equipment for the food and packaging industries in these countries have developed into a complete industrial system with a complete product range, high stand-alone production capacity, good production line support, high degree of automation, and reliable product quality. It is against this backdrop that the world-famous beverage brand Coca-Cola has always regarded its packaging and branding as a positive relationship, and attentive consumers can discover it. Although every time it is reflected in the change in the packaging design is not too big, but each change can cause the market to shake. At the time when the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee announced that the Beijing Olympic Games will announce the new conference for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, one million Coca-Cola limited edition fine memorial tanks with new emblems will also be officially listed. Coca-Cola took less than a month to complete the product design to the official listing, the work of the high efficiency is surprising. The Coca-Cola Company has thus become the first company among the top sponsors of the Beijing Olympic Games to be fortunate enough to be authorized to use the new Olympic emblem. The commemorative tank design incorporates elements of the Beijing Olympics logo, elements of Beijing, sports elements and events in China. The strokes and concepts of the new emblem are used to outline the athletes' heroic position in the arena, and the famous architectural temple of Beijing is integrated into it to highlight the strong geographical features of Beijing. . Let its sales increase to a higher level.
From the above, we can see that there is still a certain gap between the material structure and decoration design of the product packaging compared with imported food. However, in the recent past, the reporter learned from the investigation of the market and discovered that he was surprised to find that more and more businesses are now placing improved packaging in an important position in their marketing strategy. All major businesses have increased their emphasis on healthy food packaging, identified product entry points for market culture, accurately transformed product images, and took pains to design materials and decorating.
The reporter recently visited several supermarkets in Shenzhen and learned that many manufacturers have begun to reform their own packaging. Famous Mengniu Co., Ltd. “Mengniu” has completely changed the packaging, “children's milk” is a product of its main push. The packaging design breaks the packaging concept of traditional dairy products, adopts vibrant and lively colors, and is in line with the psychological spirit of young children. The cartooned calf shape makes the packaging more lively, and the packaging simplifies the design elements. It is not only prominent in color, but also very easy to identify and easy to remember. And display.
As a strategic means of exploiting the market and occupying the market, packaging can effectively bring products into the market and is a key factor in determining consumer purchases.

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