Use of skin care olive oil to remove blackheads and moisturize lips

The use of skin care olive oil Olive oil hand care Olive oil wrinkle Olive oil to blackhead
The nutrient content of olive oil is extremely high, rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, etc. The role of olive oil in beauty is mainly for skin and hair. Because it contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, it has sunburn. The easing function can also be used for the treatment of weight loss, skin aging and sunburn. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the use of skin care olive oil. Come and learn!
Skin topical olive oil: It can treat dry, watery, painful or inflamed conditions; it can also prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy and relieve skin itching. It can whiten and remove aging, help prevent skin aging, nourish skin and bring moisture to skin.
There are 3 grades of olive oil:
Premium pure olive oil: The liquid from which the fruit is first squeezed. The texture is heavy and the nutrient content is rich, the color is dark yellow green and has a spicy fruit aroma.
Pure olive oil: from the second press extraction, the color is light yellow-green, relatively no irritating smell.
Pure olive oil: The mixture is made from more than one country, and the refined mixture is light yellow in color compared to other cold-pressed olive oils, and the smell is rather light.
Skin care olive oil usage
The use of skin care olive oil 1. to blackhead usage
Clean your face with a mild cleanser and apply a hot towel to your face to help open the pores for further deep cleansing.
Remove the towel in about 5 minutes, then apply the olive oil evenly to the face with blackheads.
Gently massage the face gently with your hands on your face. After about 20 minutes, wash your face with clean water.
At this time you will find that the blackheads on your face are gone. This method of blackhead in this olive oil area should not be used too often. It is necessary to let the skin have a recovery process once a week.
The use of skin care olive oil 2. The use of expectant mothers
Use extra-grade cold pressed olive oil to massage the appearance of stretch marks. Although the texture is heavy, as long as you use it a little, you can be completely absorbed by the skin after half an hour of massage. Prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
The use of skin care olive oil 3. Baby born just after birth
There is no need to choose extra virgin olive oil because this grade of olive oil is too thick for newborn babies. When you massage your baby, use plain pure olive oil.
The use of skin care olive oil 4. The use of olive oil in the lips
Apply a hot towel to your lips before going to bed every day, then apply a proper amount of olive oil to your lips. The next day you will feel your lips very moisturized.
Use of skin care olive oil 5. Wrinkle with olive oil
Add a small amount of coarse salt to half a lemon juice and mix them evenly; break up an egg, add an appropriate amount of olive oil to the egg juice, mix the two juices evenly, and mix well. Apply directly to the face, wash it after 10-20 minutes, do 1-2 times a week, it has a good anti-wrinkle effect. People who are allergic to lemon juice are disabled. Test allergies on the inside of the wrist before use.
Skin Care Olive Oil Usage 6. Olive Oil Hand Care
Warm the olive oil slightly, then grab the olive oil with your hand and massage with a small amount of massage cream to remove the dead skin from your hands and deeply nourish the skin of your hands.

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