Which is better for hydrating mask? How to choose a hydrating mask?

The dry season is coming again. I believe that many MMs are already preparing for how to avoid dry skin on the face. The use of hydrating mask to supplement facial moisture is one of the effective methods, but due to the current There are many kinds of films on the market, and the price is different. Which is better in the hydrating mask? How to choose a hydrating mask? Has been plagued by a lot of MM, the following will tell you how to choose a hydrating mask?
How to choose hydrating mask How to choose hydrating mask Mask variety Dry skin
What is the hydrating mask? Teach you how to choose a hydrating mask?
1. According to the thickness of the hydrating mask: In theory: a thicker mask proves that the mask is used more, and the hydrating essence contained in the mask is relatively more. Thickness Generally, we can put the mask on the hand and feel the weight. If the lighter feeling is thinner, we should not choose this hydrating mask.
2. According to the consistency of the essence in the hydrating mask: friends who have used the mask are very clear, the effect of the hydrating mask depends largely on the hydrating essence contained in the mask. Generally speaking, good hydrating The consistency of the mask will be relatively high. When the package is opened, most of the essence will be adsorbed on the mask, while the nutrient essence in the poor quality mask will appear sparsely pulled, which indicates that the moisture content is too much, and the nutrients are relatively small. The hydrating effect of this mask will be greatly reduced.
3. According to the materials used for hydrating mask: Currently, the hydrating masks available on the market generally have the following types: natural cotton, woven and synthetic fibers, and the big brand hydrating mask will generally be on the outer packaging. Write the material of the above film, in terms of quality and comfort, the best is pure cotton, followed by woven, almost the synthetic fiber.
4. According to the required use time of the hydrating mask: the use time of the hydrating mask is generally indicated on the mask packaging. Normally, the hydration effect can be achieved in about 15 minutes. If you find the required use in a mask description If the time is half an hour or more, then we should pay special attention to it, because the hydrating mask is not applied as long as possible, but it may damage the skin of the face.
Understand which hydrating mask is better? How to choose a hydrating mask? I believe that MM will no longer have to worry about dry skin!

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