Alcoholic 20 years price introduction

Alcoholism is one of the famous wines in China, and it is also a traditional Chinese liquor, belonging to the fragrance-type liquor. Alcohol is produced in Xinghua Village, Fuyang City, Shanxi Province, so it is also known as Xinghua Village.

Alcoholism is very well-known in China. People who haven’t drunk know that this is also inseparable from the old poem “Where to ask where the restaurant is, the shepherd boy refers to the Xinghua Village”. For thousands of years, Xinghua Village has not left the winemaking, and people there will make wine. Therefore, alcoholism can be left in so many historical turbulences. Nowadays, the wine produced by alcoholism is not only sold well in China, but also exported to foreign countries. Now there are hundreds of liquors produced by the Alcohol Group, which cater to different consumer groups.

Alcoholism has produced a number of vintage wine series, of which 20 years of alcoholism is the favorite variety of the moment. It is a special-grade puree wine that was used 20 years ago. It is sealed in the wine-making town of Yixing, Jiangsu Province, buried in the ground, waiting for it to grow out of nature twenty years later. After the blending technique of the characteristics of alcoholism, it is carefully blended and finished, and finally finished.

Its wine is crystal clear, clear and transparent. The fragrance of the wine is pure and the fragrance is delicate and elegant. The entrance is sweet and refreshing, and the finish is full. It is no wonder that it is the "special grade" in alcoholism, the representative of the fragrance-type alcoholism.

How about the price of alcoholism for 20 years? Let's take a look!

Alcohol Xinghua Village Emperor Huang 53 degrees 20 years Altar puree wine 2 kg loaded liquor gift box specials ¥ 118.00; Liquor 53 degrees blue and white porcelain 20 years 500ml ¥ 285.00; Liquor 53 blue and white porcelain 20 years old ¥ 268.00; Alcohol blue and white porcelain 20 years 53 degrees fragrance type Liquor 500ml ¥240.00; Liquor 53 Degrees Blue and White Porcelain 20 Years ¥260.00; Alcohol 42 Degrees Alcoholic Twenty Years Old Black Altar 475ml ¥149.00; Alcoholic 42 Degrees Alcoholic Twenty Years Old 500ml ¥299.00; 42 Degrees Alcoholic Twenty Years Old (Red Bottle) 475ml ¥299.00; wine 20 years 42 degrees black 475ml ¥275.00; wine 20 years old black altar 53 degrees 475ml fragrance type ¥ 309.00; wine 53 degrees blue and white 20 years fragrance type ¥ 309.00; 53 degrees wine Jin Hao 12 Zodiac 475ml * 12 bottles ¥ 450000.00.

School Robot

School Robot:

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Product name Eva
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Total Weight About 36kg
Move way Wheel differential
Walking speed 0.3--0.5m/s (default0.4m/s)
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