Basic knowledge on the selection of high-speed carbon and sulfur analyzers for experimental instruments

The carbon and sulfur high-speed analyzer is a common and popular measuring instrument in the physical and chemical analysis room of the enterprise. It can quantitatively analyze the two non-metal elements of carbon and sulfur in the metal material, and accurately measure the percentage content of carbon and sulfur in the material. It is widely used in industries and fields such as metallurgy, casting, machinery, vehicles, pumps, ores, environmental protection, and quality inspection. It can easily and quickly conduct product testing in raw material acceptance, pre-furnace analysis, and finished product inspection.

The carbon and sulfur high-speed analyzers are divided into various models according to the additional functions of the products and the degree of automation. However, the product design principles are derived from the legal gas stipulated carbon and acid-base titrated sulfur specified by the national standard. The measurement accuracy of the product conforms to the relevant national standard. The series of products have been manually operated, data converted to automatic data transmission, and the computer terminal has shown Forming a serialized pattern can meet the actual needs of various types of SMEs, and enterprises can choose different models of products according to their own needs.

The main function of the carbon and sulfur high-speed analyzer is to analyze and measure the carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide produced after the metal is burned. At present, the commonly used combustion furnaces in China are arc combustion furnaces, high-frequency combustion furnaces and tube combustion furnaces, and our country's original arc combustion Furnace is popular among users all over the country due to its advantages of stable use, full conversion, convenient use, low price and low use cost, and has become the mainstream product in the current market. The third-generation electric arc burner produced by Nanjing Kirin Company has beautiful appearance and reasonable structure. It adopts an integrated design, which effectively overcomes the shortcomings of the product that is prone to leakage in the long-term use. At the same time, it adjusts the high-frequency parameters and greatly improves the conversion rate of the stove. It also improves the durability of the product and is unique among similar products.

At present, the carbon and sulfur high-speed analyzers commonly used in China are roughly divided into three series: simple type, ordinary type and improved type. The simple type, such as CS2A, is automatically controlled by a single-chip microcomputer control analysis program, and the sulfur is manually titrated. The carbon and sulfur contents are calculated and read out by the measuring cylinder according to the volume of carbon dioxide and sulfur titration solution consumed. The common type is based on the simple type, and the carbon and sulfur content is directly read out through the digital tube display (such as CS2C type); a printer can also be added to print out the test results (such as CS2H type); and sulfur titration can also be automatically completed (such as CS2D type). Nanjing Kirin's new CS20 series can directly read the analysis results when weighing different samples, and can choose primary or secondary absorption according to the carbon content. On the basis of the CS20D, the enhanced model can be connected to an electronic balance to achieve non-quantitative weighing (such as the CS3000A model); it can also be connected to a computer to achieve more functions. The user can make a comprehensive consideration based on the scale of the enterprise, the frequency of equipment use, and the delivery and storage requirements of the test results. At present, the complete set price of the electric arc combustion furnace for this product is not higher than 6,000 yuan, one Ten thousand yuan and twenty thousand yuan.

In addition to the degree of automation and price factors, users must also consider other factors such as the use cost and service life of the instrument when purchasing. Relevant questions can be obtained from our company's sales staff across the country or by calling the company's marketing department. detailed explanation.

The carbon-sulfur high-speed analyzer is a popular general-purpose instrument, which is relatively simple to use and maintain, but it is recommended that all enterprises should be equipped with full-time laboratory personnel for operation, fixed place, the power supply of the instrument must be reliably grounded, conditional electric arc furnace and analysis The power socket of the instrument should be separated and far away, and the internal cleanness of the arc burner and the air path of the instrument and equipment should be kept smooth to obtain good results.

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