Product evaluation: square decoration solid wood floor natural material environmental protection and health

As we all know, the advantages of solid wood flooring have covered several other types of wooden floors, from the aspects of decorative effects, environmental protection functions, and durability. Therefore, if conditions permit, everyone will be more inclined to buy solid wood flooring. It is easy to process, has low thermal conductivity, eases impact, and has strong durability. It is currently the most popular flooring material. However, in the current market, there are many varieties and prices are also uneven. Many owners do not know how to buy, so you can pay attention to the square decoration solid wood floor today.

Solid wood floor square decoration New Bean 900 * 105

product details:

Wood species: other

Surface process: semi-matte

Specification: Non-standard board

Product details description:

Wood name: New Bean

Wood source: Africa

Latin: Pafricamum sp

Commonly known as: African Teak

Foreign name: Dahoma

Material properties and uses: air-dry density 0.76-0.85g / cm3. The color is golden brown, the wood grain is clear, the taste is strong, and the mothproof is strong.

New Bean Wood Features:

Newton beans scattered holes. The heartwood is reddish-brown with dark and light stripes; it is clearly distinguished from the sapwood. The sapwood is light golden brown and 5-7cm wide. The growth ring is not obvious. The tube hole is obvious under the magnifying glass.

New Beans have strong luster and no special odor and taste; the texture is staggered and the knots are very thin and even; the wood is very heavy; the shrinkage is medium to large and the strength is high. Its air-dry density is 0.81-1.01 (g / cm3). The dry nature of the wood is unknown. Slightly resistant to decay; resistant to termites, but susceptible to damage from marine wood-drilling animals; medium preservative impregnated sapwood, difficult heartwood, good processing properties such as sawing and planing; nails do not split, and nail holding power is good.

The air-dry density is 0.76-0.85g / cm3, the color is yellowish brown, the wood grain is clear, the flavor is strong, and the mothproof is strong; it is suitable for floors, furniture, etc.

Editor's comment :

Newtonian solid wood flooring is hard and stable, so this newtonian solid wood flooring has higher wear resistance and better quality. The square decorated Newton bean 900 * 105 floor is more suitable for simple style and pastoral style decoration, and it is more suitable for young decoration crowd, like to start!

Solid wood floor square decorated maple birch standard board

product details:

Wood species: other

Surface technology: bright surface

Specifications: Standard Board

Commonly known as: maple birch

Product Name: Maple Birch Origin: European Air Dry Density: 0.61-0.67g / cm3 Material: Birch Family

Product display:

Product features :

Product installation:

Final renderings:

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