Autumn September "Camel Camel Off-road Pioneer Club" to explore the CGR classic stage with you

On August 31, 2014, the second Chinese off-road rally organized and broadcast by CCTV-5 was officially kicked off in the Great Wall of Badaling in the engine roar of 52 cars, and a fierce 13-day competition began. Accelerating the throttle in the wind and sky, there is only a car and you between heaven and earth, just like the style of a western cowboy. How wonderful can this brunt just be watching?

The car is a wild carnival for a few people, but as the official sponsor of the China Off-road Rally, the only designated outdoor product, CAMEL camel hopes to attract more people to experience off-road culture and pay attention to cross-country events. CAMEL camel launched the “Offroad Pioneer” event and organized it. Off-road enthusiasts follow the track of this rally and explore the rutting of off-road heroes. Following the event schedule, the first battle of this event, the Badan Jaran Desert Pass, will be opened in September and the CAMEL camel will provide activity funds and equipment support for each expenditure team, encouraging everyone to come to the scene to experience this stimulus. Events.

Of the twelve stages of the current China cross-country rally, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th stages and the camps during the period from September 3rd to 5th are all located in the Badan Jaran Desert in Alashan Youqi. According to Song Jun, deputy director of the tournament, the three stages are all in the desert stage. The Dasha Mountain with high landforms, canyon roads, and some gobi roads are three very exciting stages. And test people.
For 2 consecutive years as an official sponsor of the China Off-Road Rally, the professional strength of CAMEL camel is no doubt. In order to make the equipment more suitable for the stadium, CAMEL camels have conducted in-depth analysis of the race routes, road conditions, environment and other factors in advance, designed specifically for off-road wind, sand and other special requirements, with the top fabric technology, tailored for the event CGR off-road custom outdoor equipment, including Jackets, quick-drying clothes, hiking hiking shoes, field tents, sleeping bags and other professional outdoor "combat combination", this round of events provides all-weather equipment protection.

CAMEL camel said that as an outdoor cross-country leader, they have always supported CGR, a large-scale outdoor cross-country event and event with domestic independent property rights, and will continue to contribute to the promotion of domestic outdoor cross-country sports.

The CGR war is raging. Let us follow the trail of big off-road and feel the borders, desert, and pride together!

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