Choose the best structure type and reasonable speed to reduce the sound radiation of machinery

With the rapid development of the four modernizations, strong mechanical noise has become an important aspect of urban environmental pollution. Therefore, the sound absorption and noise reduction of power machinery is of great significance to the urban environment. Noise absorption and noise reduction methods commonly used by small enterprises and small equipment. Reasonable layout The human ear's perception of sound is not only related to sound pressure, but also related to frequency. For the high-sound pressure, high-frequency strong noise workshop, it should be arranged on the side of the plant area as close as possible to the green area of ​​the tree, so as to use the sound absorption characteristics of the trees to achieve noise reduction purposes. The other buildings are arranged on the other side, keeping a certain distance between the two to avoid noise conduction interference. To reduce the sound radiation of the machine, choose the best structure type and reasonable speed, improve the processing accuracy and assembly quality, and make it reach the optimal design to reduce the sound radiation.

Take sound insulation measures on the cabinet and set up sound absorption cover or sound absorption screen at the mechanical suction port. The sound-absorbing cover can be made of steel plate as the outer shell, and the inside of the near sound source is made of perforated thin steel plate or metal mesh with a perforation rate of 20%, lined with a layer of sound-transmitting glass fiber cloth protective surface, and put sound-absorbing materials in the cover, such as The ultra-fine glass fiber with a uniform filling density of 2025kg / m3 "is also quite satisfactory. The noise control of the piping system. Among the noise generated by the piping system, the environmental pollution is more: discharge of compressed fluid and safety valves, etc. The noise that occurs when the fluid is discharged to the atmosphere, and the noise that is transmitted from the outer wall of the pipe to the atmosphere when flowing through the fan and compressor. The general piping system itself is not a sound source that directly generates noise like the fan and compressor. Instead, the noise generated by some sound sources and vibration sources is transmitted through the pipe wall, so it is a secondary noise source. High-speed high-frequency noise is generated near the pipe outlet, which can be reduced by reducing the outlet velocity. Properly increase the diameter of the muffler outlet, or set a porous plate with a total opening area of ​​about 120% or more of the outlet area on the discharge day to discharge high-speed fluid from the nozzle to minimize noise. The source is limited to the outlet. In addition, the outlet is laid with a metal mesh to subdivide and mix the fluid. It can not only absorb the noise generated by the outlet, but also absorb the noise generated and propagated at the valve. Of course, In the case of low discharge speed, there is no need to install metal mesh, etc. The noise that occurs in the fan, compressor and valve, etc., and is transmitted to the atmosphere through the wall of the pipeline, can be wrapped with asbestos of about 100mm on the outer wall of the pipeline, and the external Packed with metal plates. In this way, the metal plates are used to block the noise emitted from the pipes, and asbestos is sandwiched between them to avoid the superposition of sound between the metal plates and the pipes.

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