The Influence of Consumable Selection on Flexographic Printing Quality of Paper Towels

Flexo printing, as a printing method that meets the needs of future environmental protection, has been increasingly used in packaging in recent years, such as labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, and cartons. However, the application of flexo printing in the series of paper towel products is still unknown in China. There are two main reasons: First, the domestic flexographic printing process started later than in foreign countries, and there is still a great deal in market promotion and equipment use. Gap; Second, the difference in consumer culture, paper towels in the West is a wide range of artistic content, artistic taste thick farm design theme, beautifully printed napkins can be used in different occasions, such as Christmas, children's day introduced the series of fairy tales, at the same time, It is also an affordable form of personalized advertising, which is not uncommon in restaurants or hotels. As people’s lifestyles are increasingly becoming more personalized and fashionable, personalized tissue paper has become a trend and trend nowadays. Special commemorative days such as weddings, banquets, or corporate annual meetings often use specially designed paper towels. In the past few years, the development of paper towel printing has been quite rapid.

At present, people mostly see the McDonald's and KFC's monochrome printing paper towels on the Chinese market. The patterns are relatively simple. However, we also noticed that in fashion-sized supermarkets such as IKEA, color napkins imported from Europe have begun to be prominently displayed. The price is much higher than that of pure white products. Clearly, the printing has brought about a comparison to paper towel products. High added value. For printing, this also means a new profit growth point that deserves everyone's attention.

Paper towel material

In paper towel printing, the choice of paper towel material is crucial, and it is also one of the basic elements that guarantee the smooth progress of printing. Compared with other packaging materials, paper towel material is characterized by very thin, soft, strong absorption, poor tensile strength, easy to stretch, therefore, paper towel products generally pay attention to the combination of bright colors, and do not place too much emphasis on subtle levels and tones Restored reproduction. In addition, the content of cotton or fiber in paper towel products is high, it is easy to seep and there are many paper dusts. For folded paper towels, there are also single-layer and multi-layer materials. For multi-layer materials, it is necessary to pay attention to the separation of the layers, because at the high-speed (such as 700 meters/minute) printing, because the paper towel material has not been embossed The processing must ensure that all levels can be combined closely, otherwise it will cause jams during printing and cause downtime. In addition, during the printing, the ink may cause the surface material to expand. If the layers are not tightly bonded, the material may also wrinkle, affect the printing effect, cause waste products, and increase material waste. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of printed products, reduce waste, and increase production efficiency, good quality tissue materials must be selected.

Printing ink

For napkin products, it is very important to have a direct contact with the human body, such as the mouth, hands or eyes, and food. Hygiene and environmental protection are very important. At present, water-based inks used in tissue flexographic printing machines are environmentally friendly, non-polluting, and have no odor. They are fully compliant with hygiene and environmental protection requirements. In addition, when many domestic consumers talk about color napkins, they will all raise the same doubt: When using such a colorful paper towel, the printed ink will not stain the skin or pollute the surrounding environment. In fact, this need not worry, tissue printers have taken full account of these in the selection of ink, especially the ink's wear resistance, water resistance, resistance to rubbing, etc. are very important technical indicators for the printing ink Through repeated skin contact tests and wear resistance, anti-mite tests, especially in home life, there may be many substances that can easily induce ink seepage. Therefore, compared with ordinary water-based inks, the formula for paper towel printing inks The addition of certain ingredients can effectively prevent the ink printed on the paper towel from seeping or dissolving when it is exposed to water or a strong alkaline substance.

The printability of the paper towel printing ink is also very important. In the printing process, the pH, viscosity and other properties must be kept stable, and the drying property is suitable, which is in accordance with the printing speed and the post-press processing requirements. The printing speed of the tissue flexographic printing machine can be as high as 700m/min or 10000p/min. In the process of high-speed printing and high-speed folding, the stability of the ink performance is very important. Improper viscosity of the ink may lead to fracture; drying is too slow and cannot Satisfy high-speed production requirements; drying too quickly can result in dirty plates.

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