Which brand of stainless steel pipe is good? Stainless steel pipe brand

Stainless steel pipe is a hollow long steel material, which is widely used as a pipeline for transporting fluids, such as oil, natural gas, water, gas, steam, etc. In addition, when bending and torsion strength are the same, the weight is light, so it is also Widely used in manufacturing mechanical parts and engineering structures. It is also commonly used to produce various conventional weapons, barrels, and shells. Because many pipes are exposed outdoors or buried in the ground for a long time, it is easy to get wet and rust and be corroded. Therefore, the choice of stainless steel material will be good to circumvent these drawbacks and improve the life of stainless steel material. Today, as we introduce stainless steel pipe and stainless steel pipe specification sheet performance standards.

Introduction to stainless steel pipes

Stainless steel pipe is a long hollow steel, which is used in the transportation of natural gas, oil, steam and so on. Stainless steel pipes are light in weight and have good bending strength, and are often used in the manufacture of weapons, guns, and various parts.

Stainless steel pipe brand-Liansu

Liansu stainless steel pipe is one of the largest pipe production equipment manufacturing enterprises in China. It mainly produces stainless steel pipe, plastic pipe, steel-plastic pipe, etc. Liansu pipe has the world's leading production technology and the best quality service. It is a well-known pipe brand and has been well received and favored by consumers.

Stainless steel pipe brand-Sorbonne

Sorbent Pipe is specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of pipes. It has rich experience in pipe production. It has perfect and unique design requirements for pipes, and strictly controls the production process of pipes. It does not allow any defective pipes to be sold out of the factory. Sorbonne stainless steel pipes are imported materials to ensure their quality and service life.

Stainless steel pipe brand-Pilsa

Whether it is the production of stainless steel pipes or plastic pipes, Pilsa pipes are very focused on health and environmental protection. Pilsa pipe has a very high cost performance, and also has excellent performances such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and high pressure resistance. More importantly, the quality of Pilsa pipe is guaranteed. It is a stainless steel pipe brand that consumers can believe.

Stainless steel pipe specification table

Stainless steel tube material

201 (1Cr17Mn6Ni5N)

202 (1Cr18Mn8Ni5N)

301 (1Cr17Ni7)

302 (1Cr18Ni)

304 (0Cr18Ni9), SS304, TP304

304L (00Cr19Ni10), SS304L, TP304L

321 (1Cr18Ni9Ti), SS321, TP321

316 (0Cr17Ni12Mo2), SS316, TP316

316L (0Cr17Ni14Mo2), SS316L, TP316L

310S (0Cr25N20), SS310S, TP310S

Stainless steel tube implementation standard

GB2270-80 stainless steel seamless steel pipe

GB / T14976-94 Stainless steel seamless steel pipe for fluid transportation

GB / T14975-94 stainless steel seamless steel tube for structure

GB13296-91 Stainless steel seamless steel tubes for boilers and heat exchangers

(GJB2608-96) (YB676-73) Aeronautical structural steel thick-walled seamless steel pipe

(GJB2296-95) (YB678-71) Stainless seamless steel tubes for aviation

(YB / T679-97) (YB679-71) 18A hollow rivet thin-wall seamless steel pipe for aviation

(GJB2609-96) (YB680-71) Aviation structural thin-wall seamless steel pipe

(YB / T681-97) (YB681-71) 20A thin-wall seamless steel pipe for aviation duct

GB3090-82 stainless steel small diameter steel pipe

GB5310-95 seamless steel tube for high pressure boiler

GB3087-82 low and medium pressure seamless steel pipe

GB3089-92 Stainless steel acid-proof ultra-thin seamless steel pipe

GB9948-88 oil cracking seamless steel pipe

ASTM A213 Ferritic and austenitic alloy steel seamless steel tubes for boilers and heat exchangers

ASTM A269 General-purpose austenitic stainless steel seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe

ASTM A312 Austenitic stainless steel seamless steel pipe welded steel pipe welded steel pipe

ASTM A450 General requirements for carbon steel, ferritic and austenitic alloy steel pipes

ASTM A530 General requirements for ferritic and alloy steels for special purposes

ASTM A789 General requirements for carbon austenitic stainless steel seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes

JIS G3456-88 stainless steel pipe for mechanical structure

JIS G3448-88 stainless steel pipe for general pipeline

JIS G3459-88 stainless steel pipe for pipeline

JIS G3463-88 Stainless steel tubes for boilers and heat exchangers

Q / HYAD 101-91 seamless long steel pipe for chemical industry

(0Cr18NI11T) Q / HYAD 103-91 00Cr18Ni5MO3Si2 duplex stainless steel seamless steel pipe

Stainless steel pipe prices

The type, specification, and size of stainless steel pipes will vary in price. Generally, the price of stainless steel pipes ranges from tens to hundreds. The most important thing is that the performance of stainless steel pipes is the most important determinant of the price of pipes. The prices of stainless steel pipes for general purposes are not very expensive, while the prices of stainless steel pipes used for manufacturing parts or conveying petroleum are slightly more expensive.

Editor's summary: The above is the stainless steel pipe specification table and stainless steel pipe implementation standard introduced for everyone today, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about the specifications of stainless steel pipe, please continue to pay attention to our website. You can also go to Qijia Mall to buy more products you like!

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