It is urgent to improve the crushing resistance of glass bottles

Now that the online shopping flow market is becoming more and more mature, many products need to rely on online shopping channels for sales. When it comes to the logistics level, glass bottled products often encounter many problems. On the one hand, some express companies are reluctant to undertake glass bottle packaging products, making the product logistics channel blocked. On the other hand, glass bottle packaging products in the current logistics environment, many courier companies because the load is too large for the delivery of objects are very difficult to do it lightly, easily lead to broken glass bottles in the logistics process, customer complaints and The surge in return rates. For these two reasons, many products take away from the use of glass bottles.

For the glass bottle manufacturers, under the current background of the online shopping market, the problem of the compressed market space caused by the fragile glass bottles cannot be solved, which is extremely unfavorable for the future development of the entire industry. Although the glass bottle material is fragile. However, glass bottle packaging must solve this problem through various packaging processes. For example, using shrink films, such as using a coating process, etc., are used to reinforce the crush resistance of glass bottles.

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