Plastic track and field field before paving plastic preparation and mixing method

Track and field venues, what should be done before paving plastics?

When the asphalt concrete base is completed, it takes 15 days for the plastic surface to be laid. This is the preparation time for making the glue.


Before plasticizing, it is required to perform a flatness measurement on the entire site. The measurement can be done with a 3m ruler, or with a watering method to see the surface water pool and draw it out with colored strokes to prepare for greasy leveling. When using the block method for the rubber coating method, during this period, the line can be drawn according to the runway, so as to prepare the location of the nail bar, and at the same time draw the long jump, pole vault, and javelin area. Prepare materials such as wooden slats and plastic film.

In particular, during this period, it is not possible to putty on the site and handle the thickened area.

Plastic track and field venues paving materials, how to mix the scene?

Polyurethane plastic materials are processed by the factory and are formulated into two parts, A and B. They are respectively packed in barrels, transported to the construction site, and then mixed into pairs. At the same time, fillers such as solid external agents and black colloidal particles are added and mixed thoroughly after mixing. The material is finally shipped to the operating site.

The preparation method is based on weight ratio, each mixing material should be weighed, and the error of each weighing scale should not exceed 0.1%. After weighing, the weighing is poured into the mixing container. The volumetric height of the mixing container should be larger than the mixing amount. Double the height to prevent the mixture from spilling out of the barrel. The order of mixing the mixture into the barrel should be: A-component → B-component → Moisture-absorbing agent → Catalyst, etc., mix for 1~1.5min, add black colloid and then mix 1 ~1.5min, general mixing time, not less than 60s/times, mix evenly.

The amount of catalyst to be combined with the local construction season, changes in atmospheric temperature, to do the test at the construction site to determine.

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