[Customized in the wall closet] What are the problems that need to be paid attention to when customizing the in-wall closet?

[Chinese wardrobe network] [difficulty] wall-mounted wardrobe customization function, you can customize according to your actual housing situation and needs, effectively create the most suitable wardrobe for your own wall, when doing this kind of customization, which The question is that everyone needs attention?

[Question] What issues should be paid attention to when customizing in-wall wardrobes?

Customized in-wall wardrobe

【Best answer】

The first thing to pay attention to is the bearing capacity of the wall, because the role of the wall itself is not good-looking, but the support and weight of the entire decoration design space is actually taken, so it is used to make the wall wardrobe customization. The wall must be specially selected, not that any wall can be removed to make a wardrobe.

The second thing to note is that when the wall-mounted wardrobe is customized, the utilization of the entire space should be effectively calculated. It is possible to make the size of the wall-mounted wardrobe the most scientific and effective, and bring you better help. In order to see that only this special design, the effect of the wall-mounted wardrobe can be fully reflected.

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