Unloading eye makeup, five steps, no dark circles

Five steps to unload eye makeup, no dark circles

There are a lot of problems in the cleansing and unclean skin. The beauty of the makeup should be known, especially the eye makeup, the eye makeup is not clean and easy to appear dark circles, dark circles are also our distressed problem. Dark circles have already appeared day and night, and the makeup remover is not clean, the dark circles will be heavier. Therefore, it is very important to clean the eyes. Below, I will teach you how to remove the eye makeup and not black circles and save trouble.

Five steps to unload eye makeup:

first step

If you have false eyelashes when removing makeup, remove it first. Use your fingers to hold the outer corner of the skin and gently remove it from the inside out. If the false eyelashes stick more firmly, first wipe off the glue with an alcohol cotton ball and then peel off.

Second step

Dampen the make-up cotton with make-up remover, then close your eyes and apply it on your eyes to make the makeup of your eyes dissolve for the first time. This step can first wipe the eye shadow clean.

third step

1. Remove the eyeliner, close your eyes, apply makeup remover to the eye with a cotton pad, gently press along the root of the eyelashes for about 10~20 seconds, so that the makeup remover dissolves the eyeliner, then slide the makeup remover toward the end of the eye. , wipe the eyeliner. This is repeated twice to ensure cleanliness.

2. If there is an inner eyeliner, use a cotton swab to remove the makeup remover, gently wipe it, and be careful when wiping it to avoid getting into the eyes.

the fourth step

1. Prepare cotton swabs and paper towels, fold the paper towel into the lower eyelids, close the eyes, and then use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and wipe down the roots of the eyelashes. Then open your eyes, place the paper towel on the bottom of the lower eyelashes, and then use the cotton swab to remove it from the root of the eyelashes.

2. If it is a waterproof mascara, use a water and oil makeup remover, or use a little olive oil to follow the texture of the eyelids, the right eye clockwise, and the left eye counterclockwise to clean.

the fifth step

After the entire eye has been removed, the makeup remover can be removed again with a cotton swab and carefully wiped in a direction perpendicular to the eye. Also to confirm again whether the makeup remover is clean. In order to prevent the cosmetics from staying on the delicate and delicate skin around the eyes, it will hurt the skin.


1. If the mascara is not cleaned, it will cause the eyelashes to fall off and even cause inflammation. Unclear eye shadows can also cause melanin to precipitate and form spots. Therefore, eye makeup remover is very important.

2. When removing makeup, be sure to change the cotton swab and cotton pad. Don't always use a wipe. Try to change it once.

3. After the makeup remover is finished, you can use the lotion to wipe the face again, and the lotion also has a cleansing effect on the face. This can enhance the cleaning effect.

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