Air shower room plays a role in the car spraying workshop

The air shower room plays a role in the automotive paint shop:

1. Air shower room is one of the necessary purification equipment for employees to enter the clean room or dust-free workshop. It can minimize the pollution problems caused by employees entering and leaving the clean room, and play a certain role in entering the automobile paint shop. .

2. The super-clean airflow in the air shower interior is sprayed from all directions to the person by a 360-degree rotatable nozzle.

3. Working principle of air shower: The ambient air passes through the primary filter, and is pressed into the static pressure box by a special fan. After filtering through the high-efficiency filter, the high-speed clean airflow is blown out from the air outlet surface, and the clean airflow is high-speed wind speed. The rotating nozzle is sprayed onto the person/cargo to effectively and quickly remove the dust particles attached to the clothing/cargo.

4. The continuous growth of the automobile industry has also promoted the development of China's economy. Automobiles are also one of the tools used by the general public. The requirements for automobile spraying are not strict.

5. First of all, the car has a relatively high process requirement in the spraying process:

(1) Primer process: The car primer is the first coat applied directly to the surface of the surface pretreated workpiece and is the basis of the entire coating.

(2) Middle coating process: A coating between the primer and the topcoat during intermediate painting. The main function of the intermediate paint is to improve the flatness of the primer of the coated workpiece, to create a good base for the topcoat layer, to improve the vividness and fullness of the topcoat layer, to improve the decorativeness and stone resistance of the entire coating. Sex.

(3) In order to ensure maximum thickness of the paint, the body will also measure the thickness after applying the primer to control the final film thickness. If the thickness of the paint film does not meet the design requirements, the coating line will be reflected in time and adjusted to ensure that the design requirements are met. The coating thickness measurement work is completely automated in the production line and is done by two robots. The two robots are equipped with a laser scanning device that covers 70% of the entire body. The coating line operator can pass the system.

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