There are four major problems in custom closet log materials

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] As more and more industry giants enter the wardrobe market, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the industry is facing shuffling. Competition is bound to reduce the profit of capital, and price war will be inevitable. The rise in product prices brought about by rising raw materials and the price war between malls will further reduce the profit margin of dealers. Now many wardrobe dealers are in awkward and even unprofitable situations.

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There are four major problems in custom closet log materials

The small branch of the wardrobe of the log wardrobe, in a high-profit manner, "hangs the chickens", attracted many companies to try the original log wardrobe, but ended up with the exit. The reason is that the log custom wardrobe enterprises need to solve the four bottlenecks.

Question 1: Material constraints

Log custom wardrobes mainly use log fingerboards. It is understood that at present, the finger-joined wood species that can be purchased in bulk in the domestic market are only rubber wood and pine. Other types of materials are difficult to purchase, even if they are not in bulk. Different levels of consumers have different choices for the types of materials. Limited by raw materials, manufacturers do not dare to promote.

Question 2: Semi-finished products are not good

The semi-finished finger joint board belongs to the immature edge industry. There is no industry standard as the production basis, and the quality is also uneven. Manufacturers will suffer losses due to the use of substandard semi-finished products. The most common of these is the unqualified drying, deformation and cracking of raw materials.

Question 3: complicated process, long production cycle and low production capacity

The production of custom wood wardrobes involves processes such as refurbishment, sanding and painting. The complicated production process determines that the log custom wardrobe has a long production cycle and low productivity. The average company will be discouraged.

Question 4: Difficulties in working

Log custom wardrobes are labor-intensive industries with large labor, high technical requirements, high labor intensity, and poor labor environment. Especially in the current situation of tight employment, workers are difficult to recruit, and wages are generally higher, so enterprises need to bear large expenses.

In addition, consumers' lack of awareness of log wardrobes also restricts the development of custom-made wardrobes. Without a market, there is no product. At present, the company has not excavated more promotional features of the log custom wardrobe to open the market.

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