What are the advantages of the new thermal shock test box in 2014

What are the advantages of the new thermal shock test box in 2014

Shanghai Jianhu brand cold and hot shock test box technology advantages show:

One: Quality advantage of cold and hot shock test box

The main core accessories are all the accessories of big international brands such as Taikang France, Lugong / Izumi / Mitsubishi, Schneider, Qantas / DuPont refrigerant, Denmark (DANFOSS), Sweden (AlfaLaval) and so on. Normal and efficient operation of high and low temperature impact test box.

Compared with other counterparts: using domestic accessories or using fake and inferior counterfeit accessories as brand accessories, the delivery to the customer is completely inconsistent with what is said, and the quality is greatly reduced.

Two: equipment technical advantages

1. Adopt 7 ″ TFT true color LCD touch screen, which is bigger than other screens, more intuitive, simple operation, stable operation, and more energy saving.

2. The evaporator adopts water immersion leak detection method to thoroughly detect leaks to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

3. The use of modular refrigeration units can ensure the manufacturing quality, and maintenance and replacement are very convenient.

4. Adopt high uniformity positive pressure air duct system, the temperature is uniform and high.

5. Using the latest automatic defrosting technology, the defrosting time is shortened, and the use efficiency of the test equipment is greatly increased.

6. With multiple safety protection measures, fault alarm display and fault cause and troubleshooting method function display.

Compared with other peer equipments, the three-box thermal shock tester:

1. The controller interface is small in color and single in color, which is not convenient for observation and operation.

2. Using traditional methods, soapy water leak detection is not thorough.

3. The freezing unit and the chassis floor are installed together, the manufacturing quality and maintenance performance are poor.

4. There is no automatic defrosting technology, the test can be conducted after manual defrosting, and the use efficiency is not good.

5. Most of the high and low temperature impact test boxes in the industry usually start frosting after a period of operation, and the defrosting time is very long, and the use efficiency is low.

6. In order to save costs, peer equipment leads to a single device safety protection measures, which is very likely to cause hidden safety hazards.

Three: Energy saving advantage of cold and hot shock test box

Shanghai Jianhu Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. adopts a self-developed control system for hot and cold shock test chambers. It has high accuracy and stable operation. The controller abandons the fixed mode of controllers such as Japan and South Korea. It uses the latest fuzzy computing technology to automatically analyze load capacity Adjust the refrigerant flow reasonably, and make the equipment save energy up to 20%.

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