Pretreatment method of test piece in salt spray test chamber

How to pre-treat the test piece before the salt spray test? The following ministers of Yashilin Instrument Technology Department will tell you one by one:

1. The tested sample must be carefully cleaned before the test to remove impurities (dust, oil or other impurities) as much as possible. The cleaning method used should depend on the material properties of the test piece. When cleaning the surface and dirt of the test piece, abrasive materials or solvents that may corrode the surface of the sample should not be used;

2. Use a suitable organic solvent (hydrocarbon with a boiling point between 60 and 120C) and a clean soft brush or ultrasonic cleaning device to thoroughly clean the sample to be tested. After cleaning, rinse the sample with new solvent and then dry it;

3. The cleaned samples should avoid being contaminated by inadvertent touch again;

4. Samples intentionally coated with protective organic film should not be washed out before the test;

5. If the specimen is cut from a larger coated workpiece, the covering layer near the cutting area should not be damaged. Unless otherwise specified, an appropriate coating that is stable under the test conditions, such as paint, paraffin, or tape, must be used to protect the cutting area.

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