The rapid water absorption Hess Moore experiment attracts everyone at the China International Fabric Exhibition

It has been experimentally tested that the fast-absorbing Hess Moore exhibits an excellent rapid water-sinking effect in physiological saline: the average sinking time in saline is 7.56 seconds. According to the industry standard yy0330-2002 "medical absorbent cotton" 3.6 water absorption time requirements: medical absorbent cotton should be below the liquid level within 10s.

The performance advantage of fast water absorption Hess Moore is rapid hemostasis. The non-woven fabric processed by the quick-water absorbing fiber is applied to the hemostatic gauze, and the blood-sucking effect is far superior to the hemostatic gauze which is soaked in the chitin liquid or coated with the hemostatic granule on the market; in the in vitro experiment, the non-woven fabric containing the speed-absorbing fiber is produced. The gauze has a coagulation rate of 3 times that of ordinary hemostatic products on the market; it can accelerate the agglutination of platelets and red blood cells, can quickly control the bleeding caused by trauma, and has excellent rapid control effect on arterial bleeding and ruptured wounds.

There are two types of fast-absorbing Hess Moore products: fast-absorbing Hess Moore fibers and fast-absorbing Hess Moore nonwovens. An internationally renowned medical company in the United Kingdom has chosen the fast-absorbing Hess Moore, which has produced hemostatic cotton and is being promoted. The fast-absorbing Hess Moore non-woven fabric has the characteristics of quick-acting and antibacterial, meets the standard requirements of sanitary products, and can be applied to sanitary napkins, pads, diapers and the like.

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