What can't be saved during the renovation? See the "Pit" waiting for you to jump at home consumption.

If it is not an exaggeration to compare the decoration of the house, the selection of furniture, and the purchase of building materials into a "gorgeous adventure", in the process of household consumption, from the beginning of the renovation, whether it is facing the designer's flicker, the business's ingenuity, or In the middle of the decoration period, the foreman wrestles with the wisdom, purchases furniture and building materials, etc.; or the delivery, installation, and after-sales of the decoration are all in the end, all of which prove that household consumption is a thing that makes consumers “hearted”. In the “3·15” festival, which belongs to consumers, “Yueju” Weekly invited Zeng Jing, who is decorated with purple apples, to give everyone a home improvement class, so that you can easily avoid “renovation traps” during the decoration process.

Basic course: What should I prepare in the early stage of renovation?

Learning focus

From the selection of the design company to the signing of the contract and the delivery of the pre-payment, this period of time is called the early stage of the renovation process. Generally speaking, the preparation for the pre-renovation is usually completed within half a month. There are also a lot of people, programs, terms and contracts that need to be contacted. Therefore, from the early stage, every decision made by consumers has affected the smooth progress of the construction in the middle and late stages. It can be said that the whole decoration is the foundation stage. Through the study of this lesson, Mr. Zeng will teach you how to be cautious and avoid the loops of some bad decoration companies and designers.

Typical Case

Just after working, Si Yi paid a small two-bedroom house and began to decorate. Because of the tight money after buying a house, she chose a small company that claimed to save half of the "silver" than the big company.

In a single room of an office building, the designer gave a detailed introduction to the advantages of the home improvement company, such as package decoration, free design fees, selection of imported brand paint, free upgrade of signing into environmentally friendly main materials. Designers are also particularly embarrassed to say that in the future, they can buy tiles and floors with the price of thinking, and the price is definitely at least 20% cheaper than buying it by herself.

After that, Siwei signed a renovation contract, but during the renovation process, it found that the package included the project is not complete, the size limit is more, count the increase, there is no benefit, but the budget is tens of thousands of dollars.

case analysis

1. To select a qualified design company

Manager Zeng said: "Selecting a decoration company with good construction qualification is the guarantee of the quality of the decoration. The owner can understand the decoration company through the evaluation on the network, the reputation of friends and relatives, etc., or go to the experience store of the decoration company to pass through Experience and communicate with the designer before making a choice."

Classroom notes: Choosing a home improvement company that is profit-seeking and profit-making, regardless of after-sales, is tantamount to putting yourself in a trap. There are a lot of small companies in the market with unsound management and incomplete qualifications. They take advantage of the extremely low price advantage, but they will take responsibility when quality problems arise. It is better to choose a design company to decorate the house at a price that is more in line with the market price at the beginning, to ensure the quality of the house decoration, and to avoid the inclusion of the package.

2. Choose a reliable designer

Manager Zeng said: "Looking at a designer is not reliable. First, it depends on whether the problem he considers is from the perspective of the owner. Second, it depends on whether he can make professional costs, crafts, materials, etc. The explanation is clear; third, it depends on whether he is reasonable in the control of cost."

Classroom notes: In the market, some enthusiastic designers who claim to provide “free design” are actually making money from items such as package additions and furniture purchases, and will make unnecessary “add-ons” to Increase the cost of decoration. Therefore, in choosing a designer, do not pay a higher price in order to save the decoration fee. At the same time, Mr. Zeng mentioned that the design fee is the designer's salary source. With this part of the cost plus the company's strict management, it can well avoid the problems in the case.

3. To integrate all budgets to see quotes

Manager Zeng said: "Many owners do not understand the drawings and budgets. In this case, look at the decoration quotation. Don't just focus on the individual price of a project, but you should combine the costs of labor and wear. And the contract should be agreed on the price of the budget and the actual renovation price, and the "access material acceptance checklist" should be carefully checked after the start of construction to ensure the safety of consumption."

Classroom notes: The budget for the renovation is actually determined by the owner's decoration specifications. There is no fixed quotation, so the owner can easily fall into the decoration trap. For example, when making a budget offer, it is possible to deliberately raise the price of a single item; or “unintentionally” omit certain essential materials in the budget; or the quality, model, grade, and specifications of the fuzzy material selection. Therefore, it is necessary to combine all budgets to see quotes, and don't want to be cheap.

4. To sign a complete contract

Manager Zeng said: "A relatively complete home improvement contract, in addition to the project budget and design drawings, should also include the construction process of the key construction project, the construction plan, and the material purchase order of both parties. In addition, the parties are involved in the renovation contract, including construction. The changes in the time limit, contract standard, construction project, etc. shall be determined in writing; for the construction material quotation as the annex to the contract, the specifications, model, brand, quantity, unit price and total quantity of the decorative materials shall be clearly and specifically listed. Price, etc."

Class notes: In the market, some non-standard enterprises will develop fuzzy contracts without the consumers understanding the situation. This may lead to unclear responsibility, unclear rights and obligations of the parties, and the addition and subtraction of the project is not included in the contract, quality acceptance. The standard does not meet the standards and so on.

Practice class: What can't be saved in the decoration, what should be approved?

Learning focus

In the complicated construction project, the owner of the layman does not look at the construction drawing, and the second is that there is no time for real-time supervision, which gives the decoration party a chance to take advantage of it. For example, hydropower retrofits calculate some meters, waterproof paints, and some areas, or use contractual vulnerabilities to temporarily increase items, etc., and fall into the trap with a little carelessness. Through the study of this lesson, Mr. Zeng will teach you how to see the move and face the risk of consumption in the middle of the renovation.

Typical Case

The protagonist is still thinking about it. After the design plan was finalized and the prepayments were paid, the decoration construction officially began. However, the transformation of hydropower alone has made it a big surprise. A small two-bedroom house of 60 square meters, the designer made a price of 4,500 yuan before the renovation; however, after the completion of the work, the foreman said that the actual cost of 6,000 yuan, the extra 1,500 yuan is because there are not so many places in the package need to be modified to slot Walking the dark lane, thus increasing the cost. Not only that, but also encountered the designer's suggestion to change the wall for aesthetic reasons.

case analysis

1. Hydropower transformation cannot be saved

Manager Zeng said: "In the hydropower transformation budget, accurate measurement must be made by the surveyor or designer to the house to make accurate calculations; in the selection of excipients, it is necessary to select the wire and water pipe with the certificate and verification. In terms of technology, the pressure test should be carried out first in the process of changing water and electricity. Secondly, through photo and video recording, the safety of hydropower transformation should be ensured. After the water pipe is installed, it must be more than 24 hours and more than 20 cm. The closed water experiment, followed by a waterproof protective layer, so that the hydropower transformation is completed."

Class notes: Some unscrupulous unscrupulous companies in the metropolis will refuse to tell consumers in advance about the cost of hydropower retrofits on the grounds that it is difficult to calculate and measure beforehand. The specific figures of water and circuit transformation are subject to actual field data. However, if you choose a formal decoration company, you can not only clearly know the budget, but also the contract to clarify the cost of the renovation. At the same time, Mr. Zeng particularly emphasized that hydropower transformation cannot be saved, especially for auxiliary materials.

2. Wall reconstruction needs to be reported

Manager Zeng said: "In general brick-concrete buildings, all the beams and load-bearing walls can't be demolished. Even if you make a hole in a hole, it is very dangerous. In the decoration, the partition wall can be removed. The change, but the wall that needs to be demolished must be discussed with the owner, and the property must be submitted for construction."

Class notes: Some owners want to increase the use of the room, often require designers to change the original structure of the room in the design, or some designers to make the design so-called perfect, and the room to carry out large-scale renovation, but these More or less involved in the wall demolishing. However, the random removal of the wall will not only seriously damage the safety of the room itself, but will even affect the safety of the entire building.

3. Temporary additions must be determined in writing

Manager Zeng said: "In the middle of the renovation, the owner wants to add more items. If you install some special equipment and add some special elements, you need to sign the "Engineering Change Order" by the owner. The "Construction Change Order" will clearly identify the construction. The process, materials, models, steps and quotations used in the paper determine the contents of the temporary additions in writing, which in fact provides protection for their own rights."

Class notes: Some small companies or construction teams first sign a contract at a price that the owner is satisfied with at the time of quotation, but deliberately miss some process and material steps and quotations with some owners who do not understand the construction content, and start at the beginning. After the renovation, the price increase is proposed to the consumer. The missing part is also an indispensable part of the decoration, so the owners can not choose and can not change the construction team in the middle, and there is no additional contract as a guarantee, and ultimately can only be unlucky.

Acceptance class: careful inspection at the end of the renovation is the focus

Learning focus

After the renovation, some owners are easily stunned by the joy of harvesting the boudoir. After checking the receipts, they will sign the final payment. Many unscrupulous companies often grasp the psychology of consumers and play "text traps" on contracts. For example, "free installation" tricks consumers into buying, and delivery and materials costs are required by consumers. Home improvement acceptance and settlement of the final payment are also easy links for consumers. Through the study of this lesson, Mr. Zeng will teach you how to keep a clear mind when you are excited.

Typical Case

The renovation of the new house is coming to an end. Because it was "spoofed" a lot of money in the hard work in the early stage, I still think that the small company in the decoration is more cost-effective to buy small pieces of furniture such as cabinets, doors and windows. At that time, the designer promised “free installation” and “extended warranty period”, but I didn’t expect the installation to be free. The material fee was self-sufficient.

Not only that, Si's selection of materials on the selection of environmentally friendly paint, but the new house is very odor after installation, the decoration company to "new room just installed and ventilated for a few days will be fine" on the grounds of flickering and thinking of the end of the payment. After thinking about the end of the payment, I stayed in the new house. Unfortunately, in a few days, she entered the hospital because of formaldehyde poisoning.

case analysis

1. Don't covet "free" cheap

Manager Zeng said: "When choosing furniture such as doors and windows, cabinets, etc., not only must record the model, color and brand, but also need to be free of charge, it is best to include the manufacturer's verbal commitment to sign the contract and avoid the 'free' trap."

Classroom notes: In order to attract customers' attention, many merchants use “free installation” and “free shipping” as a profit point, but whether it is free or not is debatable. What's more, it is to seize the owner's sloppy mentality, and the model of the goods delivered to the door is wrong, the brand is wrong, in order to make huge profits.

2. Choose a special acceptance agency

Manager Zeng said: "Currently, large companies in the market generally have their own acceptance teams. After each construction is completed, there will be special instruments and testing personnel to test whether the indicators are qualified for the owners, and record these pictures and videos. The process ensures a safe and comfortable home for the owners. In addition, some owners do not feel comfortable decorating the company's acceptance team, and can choose a third-party supervision agency for professional acceptance."

Classroom notes: If the decoration is an individual's strength, the acceptance is an uncompromising brainpower. Because there are so many items to check, some project inspections must have professional knowledge, otherwise it is difficult to find loopholes and be used by some unscrupulous merchants and decoration teams. This shows the importance of selecting a qualified design company and an authoritative acceptance team.

3. Acceptance and customs clearance and settlement of the final payment

Manager Zeng said: "The best way to prevent unqualified acceptance is to pass the inspection and ensure that there are no quality problems before paying the final payment."

Classroom notes: If the thoughts in the case can't stand the soft rubbing of the merchants, the soft and full payment will easily fall into the acceptance trap. Some unscrupulous merchants or construction teams will never again after receiving the full payment. There are often things that can't be found or shirked responsibility, so even if you are soft, you have to choose the time.

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