Sanitary wares for the benefit of the new law to expand the scope of the three guarantees

Recently, Ms. Xiao of the Yuhua District of Changsha encountered a puzzled thing. In 2013, Ms. Xiao purchased a set of Anwar bathroom products in a building materials market at a price of 2,930.02 yuan, including toilets and washbasins. Recently, the basin and the toilet in the house have failed one after another. "At the beginning, after I repaired, they were able to come to the door for free maintenance. Slowly, they began to think of ways to perfuse and accuse me. The basin door was not tight, they Said that I should not put things in the drawer, etc." This makes Ms. Xiao very helpless.

After evading the sale, the bathroom business is in charge of the interests

In fact, Ms. Xiao’s experience is not a case. At present, the ambiguous warranty period and the evasion of after-sales responsibility have become the unspoken rules of the sanitary industry. Since such goods are installed at home, it is difficult for consumers to disassemble and exchange them, thus making them suffer in the later period of rights protection. Investigate its roots, industry stakeholders believe that in addition to the lack of national mandatory standards, and the industry distribution channels are chaotic, in order to maximize the benefits, the factory and agents deliberately blame is not unrelated.

Three guarantees, consumers have the right to return and exchange

It is understood that the "Three Guarantees Regulations of the State" requires that the products that are still not used normally can be repaired twice during the validity period of the Three Guarantees. The merchants should exchange the same type of products with the same specifications for the consumers free of charge. If you want to change other models and specifications and request a return, the merchant should return it. The “Regulations” do not give the merchant the right to “select similar products” unilaterally when the products that have been discontinued are replaced.

The new elimination method will be implemented, and all goods will have "three guarantees".

On March 15, the new "Consumer Protection Law" to be implemented also made explicit provisions in this regard. It is understood that at present, only some commodities have clear "three guarantees" regulations, but the new consumption law has expanded this scope, stipulating that the goods or services provided by the operators do not meet the quality requirements, consumers can follow the state regulations, the parties Agreed to return, or require the operator to fulfill the obligation of replacement, repair, etc. If there is no national regulation and the parties agree, the consumer may return the goods within seven days from the date of receipt of the goods; after 7 days, if the conditions of the legal termination of the contract are met, the consumer can return the goods in time, and if the conditions of the contract are not met, the operator may be required to perform the performance. Obligation to replace, repair, etc.

The absence of state regulations and the parties heretofore refers to all personal consumer goods or services except the state's “three guarantees” provisions and the parties' agreement. If the goods purchased by consumers are found to have quality problems, consumers can also enjoy The right to return within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods. Once the new elimination method is implemented, the products such as sanitary ware will be more clearly defined on the “three guarantees”.

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