Shanghai Industrial and Commercial yesterday "flying inspection" furniture store wood furniture sampling over 30% failed

Dongfangwang March 14th news: According to the "Labor" report, tens of thousands of walnut furniture, tens of thousands of teak coffee tables, its real wood may be only inferior to other wood. Yesterday, the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau announced the quality monitoring results of the wooden furniture sold by the city's Hongxing Meikailong, Shimao Furniture, Haomeijia, Haojiajia, Scissor Stone, and other furniture stores, integrated markets, brand stores and Tmall websites. Twenty-one of the 61 wooden furniture batches were unqualified, and the failure rate was as high as 34.4%. More than 95.2% of the unqualified wooden furniture is shoddy and fake. Yesterday afternoon, our reporter followed the city's industrial and commercial law enforcement personnel to rush to the furniture store of “Home Decoration” and Shengyuan Dadi Home City in Xuhui District, and seized some of the problem furniture and brought it back to the spot check.

Expensive "teak" furniture is suspected of being quality checked

At 14 o'clock in the afternoon, the reporter followed the industrial and commercial law enforcement personnel to the Shengyuan Dadi Home Furnishing City located at No. 200 Wending Road, Xuhui District. On the 2nd floor, a set of furniture stores marked with factory direct sales and shops were recruited as “Jinqiu Solid Wood Furniture”. The teak five-piece furniture has a discounted price of 86,520 yuan. However, such a high price, whether the teak is as true as the mark, but also put a question mark. The reporter noticed that the price of this so-called "Teak" TV cabinet was as high as 14,400 yuan, and according to the information of the industrial and commercial department, the purchase price of this TV cabinet was only 5,900 yuan. The price is more than 8500 yuan.

Subsequently, the reporter followed the industrial and commercial law enforcement personnel to the "Home Decoration" located at No. 450 Yishan Road, similar to the situation of "Shengyuan Earth". Due to the high quality of the above-mentioned expensive furniture, according to the law enforcement process, the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau bought these samples for sampling investigation.

95.2% unqualified wood furniture shoddy

The Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce pointed out that from now until April 10, the industrial and commercial department will conduct a sample inspection of the solid wood furniture sold in the furniture sales venues within the city. Previously, the quality monitoring of wooden furniture found that the main unqualified items of wooden furniture were concentrated on the issues of consistency of marking, carpentry requirements, strength of push-pull members and resistance to cigarette burning. Among them, the identification of unqualified consistency is the biggest problem, there are 20 batches, accounting for 95.2% of the total number of unqualified products.

The consistency of the marking of wooden furniture is unqualified. First, the material type is clearly inconsistent with the actual measurement. The main material or substrate is clearly expressed as teak, eucalyptus, oak, walnut, jellyfish and other solid wood. Second, the name of the wood is not consistent with the actual measurement. Although the material type is solid wood, the name of the wood does not match. The low-grade wood such as Canno paint and Terminalia is used to pretend to be high-grade wood such as teak and walnut, which is shoddy or fake.

Order the problem furniture to stop selling

The monitoring also found that some batches were resistant to cigarette burning, woodworking requirements, and the strength of the push-pull members were lower than the standard requirements. Involved in 11 batches, accounting for 52.4% of the total number of unqualified products. The monitoring found that some batches of paint film were bubbling on the surface after being burnt at high temperature. This indicator reflects the resistance of the paint film on the surface of wood furniture to the burning of cigarettes. When the paint film with poor resistance to cigarette burning is burned by a cigarette, the paint film coating is prone to flaking black spots, cracks and bubbling.

At present, the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau has ordered the relevant operators to immediately remove the shelves and stop selling unqualified commodities, and require the relevant sub-bureaus to urge enterprises to implement rectification measures, to legally adjust the case for the operators who sell unqualified commodities, and urge the operators to properly handle the consumers. Complaints, unconditional return and exchange of unsatisfactory goods that have been sold.

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