Infrared spectrometer failure phenomenon and solution

Fault phenomenon, cause and solution of Fourier transform infrared spectrometer


Serial number


Cause Analysis



Observe that the motor is not running

Strong vibration caused the motor to die

Move the instrument position, restart after power off

The light path is completely blocked

Check the sample cell

Receiver damage

Replace the receiver


The instrument is operating normally, but the software cannot collect

Part of the light path

Inspection sample room

Software conflict

Close all software and reopen the software


Noise is too large during instrument operation

Uneven desktop causes the rail to run abnormally

Make sure the instrument is placed horizontally

Incorrect light path

Report to the factory for repair


No test results

Sample tablet failed



The spectrum is not smooth, the burr

Ambient water vapor or CO2 is too large

Check temperature, humidity, and number of controls

There is a heat source or radiation source during the test

Turn off your phone or other radioactive device and retest


Cannot find last test result

Test completed without saving

Click the "Auto Save and Exit" button

The path is wrong

Find the last save path


Low energy value (blue)

(Observation method: Click "Acquisition - Test Settings" to pop up the observation window)

Warm up time is not enough

Warm up for more than 15 minutes

Receiver or dustproof window deli

Report the manufacturer to replace the receiver or dustproof window

Incorrect light path

Report factory repair

Light source aging

Report the manufacturer to replace the infrared source


Unable to print report

Communication is blocked

Check the printer interface

Printer has no ink

Replace the cartridge

Driver corruption

Reinstall the driver

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