Daily broadcast - "The power of walking in 2015" opened. Chen Kun is waiting for you at the festival.

Daily broadcast - "The power of walking in 2015" opened. Chen Kun is waiting for you at the festival. Archaeopteryx Hill College | Respectable hiking camp. Fjällräven, environmental protection defines new luxury. The big god mountain bike rides abroad to tell you what is picturesque. 14-15 snow season snow sports goods sales of 45 billion US dollars clothing accounted for 60%

"The power of walking in 2015" opened. Chen Kun is waiting for you at the film festival.

Chen Kun's "2015 Power of Walking" image exhibition was immediately opened. From October 31st to next Tuesday, November 3rd, everyone can come to see the free art exhibition at Yue Art Museum in Beijing's 798 Art District. The Canon is the only imaging partner in this video exhibition and is supported by Canon Inkjet Printer PIXMA. The theme of the video exhibition is “return to zero”. This theme comes from Chen Kun’s five-year walking experience. “After five years, my heart has accumulated a lot of feelings. It's time to stop and empty myself, to watch my heart and feel the current calm... The moment of the moment is the dawn of the beginning of the heart, the process of letting go of oneself, and also a kind of return to zero.” At two in the afternoon on November 1st, the two 2015 walking volunteer volunteers Han Song and Ran Ran will meet in two. The exhibition area brought everyone a photographic lecture - "What did your picture say?" Welcome everyone to attend. We have prepared 2 Kunge signature books and sent them to friends at the seminar.

Archaeopteryx Hill College | Respectable hiking camp.

Do you long for the snow-capped mountains? Does the dream hit the peak? Climbing high-altitude snow mountains is not an effort to be sure to climb. Climbing itself is a dangerous sport with no absolute safety. It is a science and a difficult and extremely rich growth path.

Climbing with responsibility, Mountain Academy’s “respectable hiking camp” opens the door for you to climb. However, as mountaineering enthusiasts in commercial mountain climbing, it is not only possible to have money; they must understand themselves, upgrade themselves, and be able to complete climbing within their own capabilities through the help of professional guides in order to gain a safer and more relaxed climbing experience. And get the necessary respect from the guide and the leader in the international climbing activities. Different from other mountaineering trainings, the upcoming camp of the Shanshan College will be closed for nine days. The basic physical training methods, the basic techniques of mountaineering, the basic knowledge of high altitude medicine, the philosophy of climbing and ethics, and the knowledge of rehabilitation physiotherapy will be used. From the multiple perspectives of the use and selection of equipment, provide targeted growth courses and one-on-one solutions, and more Arcea bird's excellent climate protection equipment to enhance professionalism and quality.

Fjällräven, environmental protection defines new luxury.

The definition of luxury is not only limited to product value, but also reflected in the connotation behind the product. As a high-end outdoor brand, Fjällräven always believes that the best way to enjoy outdoor time is to “experience nature in a natural way”. From the beginning of Fjällräven's creation, we firmly believe in this correct idea. As a result, Fjällräven has developed a variety of functional and durable fabrics that can be used for a long time. We firmly believe that "the durability of products is an important aspect of environmental protection." Not only that, in Fjällräven, we have been doing everything we can to ensure that animals are treated properly. Since the early 1990s, Fjällräven has been cooperating with Anders Anger-björn to protect the Arctic fox, which is an endangered animal. It has also provided funds for research on the protection of the Arctic fox and food supply, and has helped to disseminate information about it. Protect Arctic fox knowledge.

The big god mountain bike rides abroad to tell you what is picturesque.

The formal end of the summer in the northern hemisphere means that the time of day is gradually shortening and the night is also elongated invisibly. Mountain bike enthusiasts want to enjoy the rush of mountains as before, so prepare for a night ride. Do not plan to make a quiet "small public move" indoors all winter, bring your lights and cars to explore the night. When traveling between the mountains, it is suitable to contact obstacle jumping skills. A stone or a branch on the road can make you jump with the car. Then, dare to jump in the night? Can't see the jumping and landing. Location, enjoying the thrill and excitement of leaping in the dark.

14-15 snow season snow sports goods sales of 45 billion US dollars clothing accounted for 60%

According to the US Snow Industry Association (SIA) report, in the past 2014-15 snow season, the snow sports market in the United States reached US$4.5 billion in retail sales, which represented an increase of 2 percentage points over the 2013-14 snow season, including coats, gloves, and bases. Layers, ski boots, headwear and other products are better sold. During the 2014-15 snow season, alpine ski equipment experienced a decline in both sales and sales, which fell by 9 percentage points to US$525 million. In December 2014, mountain snowboard sales reached 160,648, a slight increase of 2 percentage points year-on-year. One noteworthy trend is that, with the gradual cooling of the weather, sales of snowboards are relatively balanced, but sales for 11, 12 months, 01, and 02 are still higher than the previous snow season.

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