Huawei mobile phone accidentally deleted SMS to instantly restore Darth mobile phone data recovery software

Today, Das Technology Data Recovery Center came to a customer. His Huawei Ascend P7 accidentally deleted useful text messages and wanted to recover deleted Android mobile phone text messages. Today, Xiaobian takes the case of this customer as a case, and shares the recovery of how to do Android mobile phone text messages!

Mobile data recovery preparation

First open the Darth mobile phone recovery software official website: http:// download the Darth mobile phone data recovery software professional version, install and open this software. The phone model that needs to be restored is Huawei Ascend P7, and the system is Android 5.0. Connect the phone and computer with the data cable, find "Settings" in the phone, click the "About phone" option, click on the "Phone version number" seven times with your finger, and then return, then click "Developer Options", this time You can find USB debugging, check and confirm. The preparation work is done.

In the first step, click "Start Connection". As shown in Figure 1:

华为手机误删短信瞬间恢复 达思手机数据恢复软件

Figure 1 Dass mobile phone data recovery software to connect the phone

After the connection is successful, the software will display the basic information of the phone. Click "Android" in the navigation bar, click "Android SMS" on the left, and click on the red circle in the picture below to scan the Android SMS, then select the corresponding database (mmssms.db) and click to open, according to the size of the database, under normal circumstances The scan is completed in seconds. as shown in picture 2:

华为手机误删短信瞬间恢复 达思手机数据恢复软件

Figure 2 Android SMS data recovery

After the scan is completed, the red text portion indicates the deleted Android mobile phone text message. You can easily export the related SMS content by right-clicking on the interface. Android mobile phone SMS recovery have you learned? Pick up your phone and try it out! As shown in Figure 3:

华为手机误删短信瞬间恢复 达思手机数据恢复软件

Figure 3 Android SMS data recovery

华为手机误删短信瞬间恢复 达思手机数据恢复软件

Figure 4 Das Technology Data Recovery Leadership Brand

About Hebei Dakai Software Technology Co., Ltd.

Hebei Dakai Software Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2015 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. It is built by China's famous data recovery company, Darth Technology. It is the leading research and development organization for smart phone data recovery and forensics in China! Think mobile phone data recovery software is a professional-grade mobile phone data recovery software used by many public security, procuratorate, court and military units.

Smartphone data recovery technology is leading the way

The core business of Dakai Software includes smart phone logic data extraction and analysis technology, smart phone data deletion data recovery technology research and development, logical-level mobile phone forensic analysis, physical-grade mobile phone data recovery and forensics technology research and development. A professional company that aims to build the nation's leading smartphone data recovery and forensics.

Dakai Software has released the Darth Android mobile phone image software, Dass Android mobile phone data recovery software, Dash Apple mobile phone data recovery software, and the Darth smart phone data recovery software professional version.

Dakai Software's upcoming smartphone physical-grade data recovery and forensics equipment will bring new vitality to domestic mobile phone forensics and recovery technology!

Smartphone data recovery and forensics training

Dakai Software's team of engineers in-depth study of smart phone logic level and hardware level data recovery and forensics technology, and apply these valuable technologies to the actual judicial case of the public security law, providing the most direct support for the public security law technical department, Dakai software oriented The Public Security Act provides effective training in mobile phone data recovery and forensics.

Mobile data recovery and forensics laboratory construction

Dakai Software can provide mobile phone data recovery and forensics laboratory solutions. From the lowest logical structure of mobile phones to physical-level data extraction devices, Dakai Software provides a rich and complete software and hardware technology solution. Dakai mobile data recovery and forensics laboratory, especially suitable for the public inspection industry, can effectively solve the technical barriers for data recovery and forensics of smartphones.

Mobile phone data recovery and confirmation training room full bloom

Dakai Software Vocational College smartphone data recovery and verification training room solution was officially launched during the year, which is the first choice for vocational colleges. Dakai Software's parent company Dasi Technology Data Recovery Training Room has been officially established in many vocational colleges. Operation, including Beijing Labor and Social Security Vocational College, Beijing Political and Law Vocational College, Beijing Business School, Beijing Information Vocational and Technical College and other secondary vocational colleges have adopted the Darth Data Recovery Training Room and opened a professional course in data recovery.

The data recovery and verification training room launched by Dakai Software is a trend-setting and the latest highlight of the training room of vocational colleges.

In addition, Dakai Software has opened up an in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with vocational colleges to provide data recovery courses for vocational colleges, and experts from Dakai Software have entered the classroom to personally explain the core technologies of mobile data recovery and forensics, providing students with rich The training technology is very popular among students!

Dakai Software, China's smart phone data recovery and forensics technology experts!

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