Quality window | outdoor security can not be separated from the quality of equipment protection

There are more and more people who love outdoor sports right now. On weekends and holidays, there are always people who carry their backpacks together for outdoor trips, hiking, rock climbing, outdoor camping, picnics, and adventures. While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery outdoors and enjoying the ultimate challenges and excitement, the complexity of the outdoor environment It is also dangerous. How to protect the safety of outdoor sports has become a topic of most concern to everyone.

Outdoor sports is a requirement for equipment equipped with professional requirements, standard compass, GPS, long-time standby mobile phones, communications equipment, ropes, knives, lighters, bright light flashlights, spare drinking equipment and other conventional items, clothing needs to be based on the outdoor environment Choose a waterproof, sunscreen, moisture absorption, breathable, quick-drying, warmth and other functional properties, shoes need waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-slip, comfortable, support and protection of the feet of the shoes, backpack weight, practicality, tents The anti-natural risk intensity and the closedness of the equipment are very important. It may be a tool to save lives. Therefore, the quality of outdoor products must be able to withstand the outdoor environment and outdoor wear. The test.

How to protect the quality of outdoor products, as a professional outdoor brand in China, we use “provide comprehensive outdoor protection” as the brand basis, and extensively adopt new materials, new technologies, and new technologies. In terms of product quality control, we focus on product functionality from product design. The rationality of the product structure and material selection, the product in the development stage through a comprehensive inspection of professional testing agencies, professional try-out and risk assessment to meet the product requirements can be transferred to the amount of production, the production process has a professional quality management personnel to control, the production process , The products are factory-implemented with three inspections of factories, QCs, and third-party inspections, and strictly supervise and control the manufactured products.

Any bad product will bring great security risks to outdoor users. We know that quality is the guarantee of safety. We will implement scientific management of products and offer the best products to outdoor enthusiasts.

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