Aerial trapeze skincare cheats dry wrinkles

Aerial trapeze skincare cheats
Many women have become a routine business trip for professional reasons. Inevitably become a "flying trapeze." For modern women, every time they take off and arrive, the skin is afflicted, and dry, sensitive, sunburned and other skin problems should arise. Therefore, it is especially important to do a skin care program. Today, Xiaobian brings you the trapeze skincare cheats to keep you away from skin problems!
Flying skin maintenance plan Step 1, before boarding: thoroughly remove makeup + full maintenance
Cabin troubles: Female stars were photographed at the airport and they were all super-faced, because it was inconvenient to wear makeup on the plane. In addition, the skin in the cabin environment is prone to oil, and the makeup will be destroyed.
Disarming the alarm: If you have to paint a light makeup because of your work, after you get on the machine, the first thing you do is remove the makeup. Of course, it is not realistic to use facial cleanser to remove makeup in the cabin. Remember to carry a small bottle of makeup remover in the cosmetic bag that you boarded. It is best to choose makeup remover. Make-up remover is more refreshing and easier to clean than cleansing oil. In addition, we can't leave wet wipes and cotton pads, which is convenient and calms the skin.
Flying skin maintenance plan Step 2, after the machine: focus on moisturizing + lock water
Cabin trouble: The air in the cabin begins to dry 1 hour after the plane takes off, and it will feel dry and dry. In addition to replenishing body water, moisturizing sprays, moisturizers and moisturizing masks are essential items.
Disarming the alarm: It is best not to choose a cotton mask for the moisturizing mask. Because the moisture in the cotton film is easily sucked out by the cabin air or heating, it is most appropriate to choose a gel-like disposable moisturizing mask. From time to time, spray it out and spray it to keep your face moist. Immediately after spraying, apply a moisturizing cream to lock the moisture, so as not to take away the moisture from the skin by the dry air in the cabin.
Flying skin maintenance plan Step 3: In flight: Strengthen sunscreen + ice
Cabin troubles: The plane flies above 30,000 feet, and you just like to sit in the cabin window to see the scenery, in fact, it is completely exposed to ultraviolet light, and it is more than the UV intensity on the ground. And no more.
Disarming: At this time, it is best to choose high-power sunscreen isolation products above SPF30 and PA++. The texture should not be too dry, because the cabin is dry, so some moisturizing sunscreen products can come in handy. Before the plane landed, you can have a cup of ice water with the flight attendant and apply it to the eyelids for 5 minutes to slow down the edema of the eyes. The whole person will sweep away the fatigue of the journey and look refreshed.

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