Food Label Adhesives May Poison

Experts said that the label's toxicity in China originates from benzene, and the country should introduce relevant standards and stipulate the use of environmentally friendly adhesives.

Chengdu citizen Li Yuting is a small white-collar worker. She has a very high demand for food safety. For this reason, she always chooses to buy oil, salt, fruits, vegetables, cooked food, etc. at the big supermarket.

In addition to being safe and secure, drawing convenience is one of the important reasons for her shopping in the supermarket. Li Yuting said: “The unpackaged vegetables are directly affixed with self-adhesive labels, and the labels on cooked foods with outer packaging are more suitable for Baba. Take it and pay for it.”

However, Li Yuting was surprised by a recent news report. According to the Xinhua News Agency, the Royal British Chemical Society pointed out that a test conducted on food packaging labels showed that many adhesive labels contain highly toxic chemicals. “Is the food label really toxic?” Li Yuting, who was upset, broke into the newspaper's news hotline and hoped that the reporter could help her solve this question. The reporter immediately launched an investigation.

UK warned: Food labels may contain highly toxic

The British "Daily Mail" quoted a study by the British Royal Society of Chemicals that many labels outside the food packaging use acrylic adhesives, most of which contain highly toxic chemicals.

Researchers studied 4 types of acrylic adhesives widely used for food labels. They found that 11 kinds of toxins were detected in 4 types of food label adhesives tested. They were no less harmful to humans than mercury or hydrochloric acid, and 4 kinds of toxins were permeable. , can infiltrate the packaging directly contaminated food.

The study did not specify where the food was spotted, but stressed that the toxic label was “used universally”.

"In the packaging of fresh meat, fruits and vegetables and sauce bottles, some of the sticky labels found high levels of toxicants." Research said that human intake of these toxins may affect the visceral system, some of the toxins can cause cancer Cause infertility, resulting in immune system disorders and neurological disorders, a large number of intake can directly cause death.

The report said that current European food safety regulations only emphasize that these toxins cannot be in direct contact with foods, but they are not prohibited from appearing in label adhesives.

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