Perfume bottle collection value was certified in the auction market

At auction, a 1931 ivory Chanel perfume bottle was sold for 1,300 euros. The international bidders grasp the on-site auction information by telephone. The pre-estimated auction price for this precious Guerlain perfume bottle is between 20,000 euros and 30,000 euros, and the final transaction price is 45,600 euros, which translates to approximately 55,865 US dollars.
An anonymous perfume bottle collector took out his collection of perfume bottles at auction - the 1870 Guerlain perfume bottle. Another perfume bottle collector, Bernard Gangler, said that the auction price set the highest record for the auction price of perfume bottles, and all this was done only in Arcachon in southwestern France.

Self Adhesive Whiteboard

Self adhesive whiteboard is a kind of portable whiteboard with adhesive, easy cut,bent,twisted,coiled,or can machined into almost any shape. Due to strong adhesive,the Whiteboard Sticker easy to install and won't fall off easily. No need to drill holes in your wall and can be install any smooth surface like desk,cabinet and so on.

whiteboard deskwhiteboard cabinet

The steel sheeting of whiteboard has a certain thickness so that it does install with no wrinkles and no bubbles. At the same time,big size is the feature of soft whiteboard and this whiteboard sticker is consequently becoming increasing popular for the use as Whiteboard Wallpaper.

whiteboard wall paper

Self Adhesive Whiteboard

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