Detailed three-dimensional hot stamping technology

Stamping and embossing were originally two processes in the postpress process, but with the rapid advancement of plate making technology, the use of electric carving techniques to produce a set of Yin and Yang versions can combine the two processes into one. Stereo hot stamping is widely used in post-press processing of various types of packaging. The hot stamping is of good quality and high precision. The edge of the hot stamping image is clear, the surface gloss is high, and the pattern is bright and smooth. Three-dimensional hot stamping uses electric carving method to make a three-dimensional hot stamping version. Although the cost of electric engraving and hot stamping is much higher than that of the corrosion method, it is still very suitable for a large number of orders, which reduces the number of processes, reduces the scrap rate, and improves production efficiency.

Electric carving stereo stamping plate with high precision, hot stamping effect. The electro-engraved brass plate is commonly used in post-press processing. Through computer software control, three-dimensional engraving of the previously scanned image is performed. The bronzing plate thus produced cooperates with a prefabricated relief plate to perform three-dimensional bronzing. The key to this process is platemaking. The graphic part of the hot stamping plate should be a rounded line, which is different from the straight line of the ordinary plane hot stamping plate. Therefore, the stereo hot stamping plate needs secondary processing after etching, and the technical difficulty is high. .

The engraving system adopts computerized CNC engraving (CNC), which can meet the high requirements of hot stamping on the level and details than the traditional etching process. Different shapes can be used for the convex edges to obtain precise and perfect corners to ensure prints The hot embossing embossing pattern can obtain the desired edge definition; the hot stamping plate and the bottom mold can be easily copied, and the appearance of the hot stamping concave-convex pattern of the same batch of products can be kept consistent; the hot stamping graphic has a distinct three-dimensional level. , Forming relief effect on the surface of printing and packaging products, and producing a strong visual impact, so that the package has a unique sense of touch; Copper stereo stamping plate is durable, precise size and basic pattern, can greatly increase the production efficiency, repeat The production accuracy is good. However, it takes more time to adjust the hot stamping version.

Plate is 7mm or 5mm thick brass plate, the service life of up to 1 million prints and more, can greatly reduce the downtime change time, and brass is harder than the ordinary corrosion of flat copper plated copper used in the fine pattern The performance is more ideal. The traditional corroded copper plate, 2 mm thick, is riveted to another thick copper plate or aluminum plate for low cost, but it can only be used for flat hot stamping. Its service life is generally only 100,000 times.

When the embossing and hot stamping reaches a certain depth, a bottom mold is required to cooperate with it. When the hot stamping is performed, the three-dimensional hot stamping plate will expand during the temperature increase, while the temperature of the bottom mold is still at room temperature, resulting in a hot stamping plate. It is not compatible with the bottom mold, so special bottom mold technology is needed. The stamping plate and the bottom mold that are made now have easy-to-locate marking holes, and the time for installing the copper plate and the bottom mold is greatly shortened.

The three-dimensional hot stamping process requires two stencils, concave and convex, and a high-precision hot stamping machine must be used. Otherwise, the male dies may be damaged. The round flat stamping stamping equipment has high precision, but it is difficult to operate. Special attention must be paid to the thickness of the drum lining and the height of the lower platen to ensure that the line speed of the equipment is the same during the operation. Otherwise, slippage may occur. It is more appropriate to use a high precision flat press. The speed and quality of hot stamping are mainly affected by the galvanized aluminum release coating and the gluing layer. These coatings are highly sensitive to heat and can increase the speed of hot stamping. Therefore, the use of advanced glue formula for the production of galvanized aluminum can meet the high speed hot India's requirements to reduce stamping costs. Of course, the speed of hot stamping is also related to the type of machine used. With the continuous increase in production speed, the cost of three-dimensional hot stamping is greatly reduced.

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