User sums up outdoor knowledge season two: emergency baby in the bag

Emergency baby in the bag: newspaper, potassium permanganate, insulation blanket

Going out to participate in outdoor activities, survival and protection of their own essential items are sure to bring. In addition, it is recommended that you bring a little newspaper, potassium permanganate, insulation blankets. Do not underestimate these three things, their role can be extraordinary! Light weight, small size, easy to carry, is an indispensable self-rescue and mutual aid item in your bag.


When you are outdoors, the important role of the newspaper is well known to everyone. Do not throw it away at random. You see, warmth, pastime, when the splint, ignition, deworming, full-featured, go out with you, save yourself and save each other really convenient.

Keep warm

Sports will sweat, especially after heavy exercise outdoors. Sweating can make clothes wet. When they are rested, they are blown by the wind and can take away heat from the body. This not only increases the coldness, but also makes it difficult for people to move in the wet clothes that are stuck on the body. This is the most common and difficult to avoid. Headache thing. Outdoor sports is a sport. It consumes a lot of physical energy. Therefore, the traveler is generally light and can not bring a lot of clothes for replacement at any time. Although many outdoor product manufacturers have developed moisture-proof, ventilation, and warm clothing to solve the problems caused by sweating, they are expensive. Then, the newspaper is the simplest, most economical and most urgent method to resolve this contradiction.

The use of newspapers to keep warm is very reliable, and the method of use is very simple. It can be padded with newspapers. The newspaper has strong compactness and the effect of wind blocking is very positive. It is equivalent to wearing more thermal underwear. After sweating, the newspaper will absorb sweat instead of getting it wet. Gently remove the wet newspaper, shake it off in the air, and use it again.

Heatstroke prevention

Traveling in the summer, the hot sun is over, and the heat stroke will occur after the sun exposure. Newspapers can be used as hats to block the sun.


Losing your way is a common sight. When you alone get lost in the mountains waiting for help, the best partner is the newspaper. Reading newspapers can kill time, reading newspapers loudly can overcome fear, and maybe humorous news in newspapers can make you laugh. In the dark, burning newspapers can also be used as obvious targets to help rescue workers find your location.


According to reports, a small spoonful of potassium permanganate was poured in the newspaper, and a few drops of car antifreeze were added, and the newspaper was rolled into a ball. Within 30 seconds, it caught fire.


There are various kinds of flying insects in the wild, especially when mosquitoes are disturbed during camping. Point to a slightly damp newspaper. The smoke produced can drive away mosquitoes, flies and even reptiles. The burning flame can also drive away the beast.


Falling injuries during the march are common injuries, and it cannot be determined at the scene whether they are sprains or dislocations. Even in the case of fractures, the principle of first aid is to treat them as fractures. That is to make the injured area brake (fixed), to avoid injury caused by movement again. There are many opportunities to obtain splints outdoors, such as branches and trunks. However, the safest and most convenient splint is the newspaper. The softness of the newspaper does not hurt the skin, and the trouble of using a tree trunk as a plywood requires a large amount of padding. The newspaper is lightweight, does not add more weight, and eases the load of transportation. The newspaper is plastic, flexible, and easy to use.

Correcting respiratory parasitism: The mountain air is thin, and people will use accelerated breathing to improve the hypoxic condition. Excessive breathing will exhale more carbon dioxide, cause respiratory paralysis, and seriously threaten human life. If the paper is rolled into a funnel, a hole 1 cm in diameter is left at the top of the funnel, covering the mouth and nose at the bottom of the funnel, and part of the exhaled carbon dioxide is again inhaled into the respiratory tract. This method prevents and corrects respiratory poisoning.

Look, there are so many uses for newspapers that they are cheap, readily available, and don’t forget to put them in their bags when you’re on the go.

potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate is the most common chemical. In outdoor sports, it is also indispensable. It can be said that potassium permanganate is magical and that small doses solve major problems. Purification of water, marking, debridement, anti-inflammatory detoxification. Friction fire for thirty seconds, trapped in the mountains do not worry.


According to the contact, friction and collision of potassium permanganate and organic matter, the heat generated by the release of oxygen can cause combustion. After mixing two parts of potassium permanganate with sugar, it is ground in the middle of the dry wood chips. If the weather is dry, the wood chips will soon Can burn, short time, good effect.

Purified water

Potassium permanganate is a conventional additive used in tap water plants to purify water. When taking water in the wild, add 3 4 potassium permanganate in 1 litre of water and drink it in 30 minutes.


Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidant, and it releases new ecological oxygen in the event of organic matter, which kills bacteria. Its bactericidal power is very strong. It is commonly used clinically to wash skin wounds, ulcers, thrush, and abscesses with a concentration of 1:2000-1:5000. The solution mouthwash is used to remove bad breath and disinfect the mouth. Note that the concentration of the solution must be known accurately. Excessively high concentrations can cause local corrosion and ulceration. Consider the time when configuring the solution. The potassium permanganate releases oxygen slowly. The soaking time must reach 5 minutes to kill the bacteria. The preparation of the solution should use cold water, with hot water will fail.

Gastric lavage

In case of accidental poisoning of plants in the wild, gastric lavage should be done as soon as possible to reduce the absorption of toxic substances. A simple method is to use a potassium permanganate solution at a concentration of 1:1000-1:4000 to gastric lavage. An easy way to test this concentration is to look directly at the solution in lavender or light red. If the solution is purple or dark purple, the concentration has reached 1:100 to 1:200. This extremely high concentration of potassium permanganate Fluid can cause ulceration of the gastric mucosa and it must not be used to gastric lavage. The use of potassium permanganate solution at high concentration may cause poisoning, so it is necessary to pay attention to safe use.

to mark

When lost in the snow, potassium permanganate particles can be sprinkled on the snow. The resulting purple color can guide the rescuer. However, colors usually only last about two hours.

It is worth noting that potassium permanganate is a strong corrosive agent and should not be touched by hand when it is used, so as not to burn the skin. Only in reasonable concentrations can direct contact be made.

Insulation blanket

The role of insulation blankets in self-rescue and mutual relief has increasingly attracted the attention of the world. International insulation blanket is actually made of tin foil, generally 2 meters wide and 1.8 meters wide. Folded up is the size of a cigarette box and is lighter than a box of cigarettes. Do not underestimate this insulation blanket, its role can be great.


Insulation blankets, as their name implies, are insulation. When they are cold, they can be wrapped on the body or in areas that are susceptible to freezing. They can reflect the heat emitted by the body and achieve the effect of insulation.

first aid

A decrease in body temperature will increase the injuries of the injured, and blanket insulation blankets are a protection for injured patients. In addition, when an insulation blanket is wrapped on the wounded patient, indicating that the person has been injured and has received primary care, the medical staff will give priority to further inspection and treatment. The chance of being saved by wounded patients increases, and time is life.


When the wilderness is lost, the insulation blanket is wrapped around the body to help rescue workers find the target by using their reflective effect.

When stretcher

The insulation blanket is good in toughness, light weight, soft and plastic, and can be used as a stretcher. We once let 200 pounds of people lie flat on the open insulation blanket. Six people pick up the four corners of the insulation blanket and the middle of the blanket at the same time. It is not broken! Of course, such stretchers are only temporary measures for short-term use. When using, pay attention to the synchronization operation, otherwise it will tear easily and hurt the wounded.

Unexpectedly, the seemingly insignificant things have so many features. What are you waiting for? Put them into your bag!

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